“To Be So Lonely” by Harry Styles

The singer is relaying this song (“To Be So Lonely”) from the perspective of someone whom, it would appear, has recently broken up with his girlfriend. And this lady is also the addressee of the track. It would appear that “To Be So Lonely” is partially related to the song which preceded it on Harry Styles’ “Fine Line” album, “Falling”, which is actually namedropped, to some extent, in the first verse. But whereas in that particular outing he appeared apologetic for the personal actions which contributed to the dissolution of his romance, this time around he seems to be taking it more in stride.

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Or the singer classifies himself as “an arrogant son of a [expletive]” who more or less cannot quit from being off-putting at times. Also he now blames his actions on him being “away” and admits that he is not humble enough to actually apologize. But that being established, he is also “so lonely”, i.e. the title of this song. Additionally he admittedly misses his lady, which seems to be the subliminal reason why he’s going on this tirade in the first place.

So in relating “To Be So Lonely” to “Falling”, we can say that the latter reflects Harry’s sentimental side, while the former is more along the lines of his I-don’t-care or I-can’t-help-it kind of attitude. Or perhaps the two songs are based on two completely different characters/relationships. But the being said, the machismo displayed in this track is obviously something akin to a front, as there are two conflicting sentiments presented in the track. And why do we say this? Because at the end of the day, the singer is indeed “so lonely” without the woman he truly loves.

Lyrics of “To Be So Lonely”

Release Date of “To be So Lonely”

As aforementioned this song is featured on Harry Styles’ album “Fine Line” and came out as a part of such, via Columbia Records, on 13 December 2019.

Writing/Production Credits

This song composed and produced by the artists who worked on the entire “Fine Line” project. On the production side we have K. Harpoon and T. Johnson, who also helped Styles and M. Rowland write the song.

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