“Adore You” by Harry Styles

“Adore You” is based on the singer ‘adoring’ the addressee. The main metaphor he uses to express this point across is his willingness to even “walk through fire” in order to impress her. And yes, this is a romantic interest we are referring to. However, Harry doesn’t need anything from her in terms of shows of affection. Rather just having her graces in regards to being allowed to adore her is suffice. And throughout he uses a few colorful and fruity metaphors to illustrate her characteristics and what it is he actually likes about her. And it is a combination of both her physical and mental attributes. So the lyrical composition of this song is relatively-simple by Harry Styles’ standards. For he definitively gets the point across that he is in deep infatuation with a particular lady.

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Lyrics of “Adore You"

Facts about “Adore You”

“Adore You” was officially released on 6 December 2019, making it the third single issued from Harry Styles’ forthcoming “Fine Line” album. And the label behind this project is Columbia Records.

Harry Styles teased this song using an elaborate trailer and marketing campaign based on a fictional island called “Eroda”. In fact he even employed a professional artist, Rosalía, to narrate the trailer.

Eroda, as you have probably already noticed, is adore spelled backwards. And the aforementioned promotional campaign for “Adore You” has in fact been so extravagant that Harry and his associates have even created an entire tourism website for those who are interested in visiting the island, even though once again it does not actually exit.

Harry Styles wrote “Adore You” along with Amy Allen and the following songwriters/producers:

  • Kid Harpoon
  • Tyler Johnson

Both Harpoon and Johnson also produced the track.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    just wanted to share my theory about this song (mostly based on the music video because i feel like that is something that shouldn’t be ignored when looking into the meaning of this song) :

    mostly based on the music video, my personal theory on this song is that this song is about turning negatives into positives, and like perseverance, that nurturing in something else can help you nurture and grow, and how that affects your positivity, and the effect a positive outlook can have on your environment and the people around you.

    it felt like he was talking about working on yourself, and the perseverance of optimism, and how inadvertently taking the time to nurture and care for yourself can also turn into people being inspired in other facets so they’re also nurturing and taking care of themselves and in a way it reminds us that through sharing support and positivity all of us take care of eachother.

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