“Fire on Fire” by Sam Smith

“Fire on Fire” is a song of uninhibited love and passion. In this song, singer Sam Smith admits that the strong amount of emotional energy he is referencing in the track could be potentially dangerous. However, he feels that the special connection shared between he and his partner makes the relationship successful.

During this song, Smith expresses that some people are looking down, from a moral standpoint, on this relationship, referring to he and his partner as “sinners”. This may allude to the fact that the singer is openly-gay, which has resulted in him receiving negative, religious-based criticism in the past. As such, it is very much possible that in the song, Smith is addressing another male, though there is not any mention of the gender of this other person.

Fire on Fire lyrics

Facts about “Fire on Fire”

  • This is the theme song for the 2018 animated mini-series by the BBC in collaboration with Netflix called Watership Down. As such, the song is featured on the film’s soundtrack.
  • This song was written by Sam Smith and the song’s producer, Steve Mac.
  • Smith recorded this track in September of 2018 at Abbey Road Studios in London.
  • The BBC Concert Orchestra provided instrumentals for the track.
  • The official music video for this tune was published on YouTube on 20 December 2018.
  • In announcing the release of the song on Twitter, Sam Smith expressed how highly honored he felt to be part of the Watership Down project. He referred to the film’s story as a “powerful and timeless” one. He ended his statement by telling the world how thrilled he was to write a song for the miniseries.
  • “Fire on Fire” was Smith’s fourth single of 2018 (as lead artist). The song came on the heels on his hit collaboration with Calvin Harris titled “Promises“.

What was the release date of “Fire on Fire”?

It came out on December 21, 2018.

What is the miniseries Watership Down about?

The plot of this series is based on the 1972 adventure novel of the same title by English author Richard Adams. The story is about a group of rabbits and their fight to survive.

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3 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Doesn’t take a genius or even an idiot to see it’s about him being gay. Songs title says it all Fire on fire , not fire on wood or water on fire..man on man

    • Paulina says:

      Thats not necessarily true i managed to interpret the chorus and had come to a conclusion that it could hold meaning of 2 people with firery personalities that are constantly at war because of the type of people they are and people like that arent necessarily good because therefore the line “were normally killers” however the amount of love the 2 people hold is enough for them to get past all the arguments which would be “with this much desire, together were winners” and they bring the best out of the other person at the same time as bringing out the worse. Normally people like that wouldnt be paired up because it can cause a lot of commotion and people would say they are “out of control” but in the end those 2 people know how to deal with each other and block out those who are against their decision, “but dont let them ruin our beautiful rhythms”

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