“Young” by Sam Smith

This track particularly delves into the wish of several youth, to be allowed to live wildly without restriction, judgement or inhibition.

As the song begins, Sam Smith clearly makes his wish obvious; he wants to drench himself in alcohol and live a wild free life. The chorus however captures his concerns that people will judge his behavior by these actions, which proves his awareness that his wishes are not socially acceptable in the first place. Amidst this consciousness, the singer expresses that all he wants is to get a bit high, party wildly, kiss boys and not necessarily be attached to them. He doesn’t care if he regrets later and is actually interested in feeling the thrill of the moment. The writer concludes the song by daring whoever wishes to judge him to do so since he believes he’s not in the wrong, but only expressing his youthfulness.

Young was written by Smith. It was subsequently produced by Steve Mac and released as the first track on Sam’s 2020 album titled Love Goes.

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