“Flying without Wings” by Westlife

The term “flying without wings”, as used in the song, is synonymous with an euphoric feeling an individual can experience. During the first part of the song, the singer points out that different people achieve this state through different means. For instance, for some it may be by interacting with their children. For others, they me find it during nights spent alone. And still others can ‘fly without wings’ due to being in love with that special someone.

Indeed it is this romantic aspect which the vocalist focuses on during the third verse. Here, he is letting the addressee, his romantic interest, know that his love for her (and vice versa) is what makes him feel like he’s flying despite not having wings.

But more generally Westlife espouses the idea that we, the listeners, should not give up on our dreams. For even if they seem “impossible” to achieve, at the end of the day it may only be via the realization of such that we achieve true happiness.

“When you’ve found that special thing
You’re flying without wings”


Westlife uses this song to point out various ways in which an individual can ‘fly without wings’, i.e. reach a heightened state of happiness.

Facts about “Flying without Wings”

“Flying Without Wings” was one of Westlife’s greatest hits, topping the official Singles Chart in Britain and performing likewise in Ireland.

It has also been certified Platinum in the United Kingdom and overall has charted in 15 nations, primarily in Europe but also in Oceania and South Korea.

Moreover the song performed well in the United States when American singer and “American Idol” star Ruben Studdard dropped his own version of the tune, which performed impressively on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 2.

The official release date of this Westlife hit was the 18th of October, 1999. The group released it as a single from their maiden studio album.

Who is the songwriter of “Flying without Wings”?

To begin with, none of the members of Westlife wrote this song. Two seasoned British songwriters (Steve Mac alongside Wayne Hector) wrote “Flying without Wings”. Hector later revealed that song’s lyrics took only less than an hour to be completed. He wrote the lyrics whereas Mac wrote the music.

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