“Dynamite” by Westlife

“Dynamite” is the type of colorful love song which we have come to expect from a band like Westlife. The track has a general applicability, as in at certain points it seems as if the addressee is a new partner and at others an established “first love”. And the title alludes to the explosiveness of their romance, in that the passion experienced therein is very-excitable and enlivens their overall dispositions.

And there are plenty of applicable metaphors, symbolisms and outright statements of love that are used throughout “Dynamite” to bring this idea home. The boys are deeply in love, and the addressee(s) likewise feels the same. And their mutual affection is emitting a ‘light’, as in an ambiance, which not only makes the present memorable but is also leading them to a wonderful future together.

Lyrics of "Dynamite"

Release Date

Westlife released “Dynamite” through Virgin EMI as the third single from their Spectrum album on 5 July 2019.

 Spectrum (which is the band’s eleventh album) also features the following singles:

In addition to 5th July marking the song’s release date, it also marked the first time Westlife performed “Dynamite” live. The venue was Croke Park Stadium in the city of Dublin, in the band’s native land of Ireland. This was during Westlife’s 2019 Twenty Tour.

Did Westlife write “Dynamite”?

Yes. The members of Westlife co-wrote this song along with pop superstar Ed Sheeran. It’s noteworthy that we mention that this isn’t Sheeran’s first time penning a song for Westlife. He actually wrote a couple of songs for the group in the past.

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