Westlife’s “Hello My Love” Lyrics Meaning

“Hello My Love” is a single recorded by the Irish pop group Westlife. On this song, the narrator does nothing but extol the virtues of their sweetheart. Their exceptionally favorable impression of her is based largely on two factors. First is her ability to retain a “beautiful” demeanor even when she’s treated unjustly. Second is the fact that out of the multitude of lovers she had to choose from, she decided to be with the singer.

Meanwhile the singer doesn’t seem to have an equally-positive perception of himself. This makes him appreciate his beloved even more, and he celebrates the fact that he has been gifted with such a wonderful partner.

Lyrics of Hello, My Love

Facts about “Hello My Love”

  • This song was written by two big names in the music industry: British musicians Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac.
  • Not a single member of Westlife is credited as a writer on this song.
  • Aside his writing duties, Mac worked also with the band to produce this song.
  • The release date of “Hello My Love” was January 10, 2019. Prior to the just-mentioned date, Westlife had not released any new single in as many as eight years. The last single the band released was in 2011. That single was titled “Lighthouse”.
  • The song’s music video, which was filmed in Los Angeles, California, was premiered on YouTube on January 11, 2019 (which is the same day the track came out).
Westlife performing this song live on The Graham Norton Show. It is worth mentioning that this performance was the band’s first as a group in about six solid years.

Is this Ed Sheeran’s first time of working with Westlife?

Yes. Before this song, Ed Sheeran and Westlife had never ever worked together. However, the same doesn’t apply for the song’s co-writer and producer Steve Mac. Mac and Westlife had worked together many times before “Hello My Love”.

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    Westlife I love your music and lyrics, please make more music..love you…

  3. Lia mac says:

    I am a huge fan

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