Foo Fighters’ “No Son of Mine” Lyrics Meaning

On “No Son of Mine”, the singer is apparently idealizing the type of person his son will be like. And the way he pictures him basically is as a sinless individual. Moreover he conceptualizes his son will be the type of individual who does not play by society’s rules, as in being capitulatory. So when the vocalist uses the phrase “no son of mine”, he is relatedly detailing the types of actions and behaviors he fantasizes that his son won’t engage in. And the implication is that the way he is visualizing his offspring is as possessing the types of characteristics he too holds in esteem.

“No Son of Mine” was released on 1 January 2021. The song holds the distinction of perhaps being the first song of the New Year by a major artist. And it is the second single from the Foo Fighters 2021 album entitled “Medicine at Midnight”. “Shame Shame” was the album’s first single.

The labels behind this song are RCA Records and Roswell Records.

It is worthy to note that British rock band Genesis also has a song with this same title. Genesis released theirs in the early 1990s.

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    Pretty sure this was a dig POTUS 45 errr POS 45

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