“Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa

On the surface, the term future nostalgia reads like an oxymoron. But seemingly, it points to the idea of Dua Lipa setting out to drop a track in the present that will be memorable in the future, i.e. “a timeless song” as she states in the first verse. But that doesn’t mean that this track is about any truly-serious subject matter. 

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In fact Dua has stated explicitly that she and the other co-writers set out to create a tune which is more “playful and fun” than anything else. And in that regard, “Future Nostalgia” actually reads a lot like a braggadocio track.  The singer spends a considerable amount of time touting her own prowess as an artist. And the second verse is dedicated to calling out opps who are trying to incite beef with her. But at the end of the day, what she is basically telling such rivals is that they can’t hang.  And doing so is also a roundabout way of Lipa once again bigging up herself and her “sound”, i.e. her unique qualities as a popular songstress. 

So another way of looking at “Future Nostalgia”, besides it being a self-congratulatory track, is as it being Dua Lipa’s ode to her own success.

Lyrics of “Future Nostalgia”

Release Date of “Future Nostalgia”

This is the title song from Dua’s second album. The track was released by Dua’s management (Warner Records) on 13 December 2019.

Writing and Production

“Future Nostalgia” was written by Dua Lipa along with Clarence Coffee Jr. and the track’s producer, Jeff Bhasker.

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