“Gang Gang” by Jackboys & Sheck Wes

As you’re probably already well aware, gangsterism is a long-standing ideology in rap music. And in “Gang Gang”, the Jackboys, a group of artists all signed under Cactus Jack Records, are basically presenting themselves as a unified gang. Verily the word ‘jack’ is a colloquialism for a robbery. And as expected they are a rowdy lot indeed. Thus they tout behaviors such as doing drugs, shooting people, evading the law and having fun with other dudes’ girlfriends. 

But once again, the general idea isn’t so much based on the artists establishing themselves as bad guys, as such lyrical content is more or less their usual fare. Rather it is to show the world that both industry-wise and streetwise the Jackboys are a force to be reckoned with. But in doing so, they also generally espouse of the idea of belonging to a criminal gang. Indeed outside of the core members themselves they also have a number of “troops”, some of them obviously being real-life gangsters, on standby to help propagate their activities.

Lyrics of “Gang Gang”


The Jackboys are a collection of rappers who are all signed under a label Travis Scott founded called Cactus Jack Records. So in addition to Travis himself other members of the crew include Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax and Chase B. And with the exception of Chase B they all represent on this track.

“Gang Gang” is featured on the Jackboys’ debut EP, which is entitled “Jackboys”. And this song was released as the lead single from “Jackboys” on 27 December 2019.

The direction of the music video to “Gang Gang” was a joint effort between the crew at Cactus Jack Records and one of Travis Scott’s regular collaborators, White Trash Tyler. The clip itself is preceded by an eight-minute mini-movie which features some unique vehicles and the crew apparently portraying the role of car thieves.

In addition to Cactus Jack Records, the other labels supporting this song are Epic Records and Grand Hustle Records (the latter being founded by prominent ATL rapper T.I.).

“Gang Gang” was produced by WondaGurl and another artist called VOU.

And WondaGurl also co-wrote the song along with Noah Sammak and Jackboys’ members Travis Scott, Sheck Wes, Don Toliver and Luxury Tax.

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