“P*ssy & Millions” by 21 Savage & Drake (ft. Travis Scott)

There’s an old adage in hip-hop, coined by the 1990s’ Bad Boy crew, that reads “more money, more problems”. And what Drake and gang are saying here is that if such is the case, then “bring on the problems”. Or put otherwise, they are very much money-oriented, and if acquiring such in vast amounts comes along with its issues, then they’d rather take it like that as opposed to not being wealthy. 

Or as Scott and the crew put in it in the chorus, their “minds [are] on p*ssy millions”, i.e. sex and earning big dough, with the former inherently being a benefit of the latter.

Of course such are the same topics these artists regularly rap about anyway, so there really isn’t anything unconventional being said here. However, Drake sorta sends his verse in another direction by instead harping on the idea that it’s not easy to come across a romantic interest who truly cares for him and vice versa. 

21 Savage utilizes his solo passage to stick more to the topics at hand, i.e. his sexual escapades and the fact that he makes a lot of money. And Travis also does a sound job of sticking to the thesis sentiment, presenting himself as someone who is impenitently rich and loving it.

21 Savage & Drake, "P*ssy & Millions" Lyrics

Release of “P*ssy & Millions”

This song came out as part of Drake and 21 Savage’s collaborative album, “Her Loss”, which hit the marketplace on 4 November 2022. And this is a unique track on the LP in that it is the only one with a featured vocalist.

Prior to the release of “P*ssy & Millions”, Drizzy and 21 Savage were already akin to regular collaborators. Both have respectively dropped a number of tracks with Travis Scott, another top rapper of the day. But this is the first time the three of them together have co-headlined a song.

The labels behind this track are OVO Sound, Republic Records and Slaughter Gang.


The following producers of this track are also credited as co-writers alongside the three vocalists:

  • B100
  • Cheeze Beats
  • Go Grizzly
  • Squat Beats

Another popular rapper, Lil Yachty, is acknowledged as an author, as are Dizzycleanface, Irvin Whitlow and Josiah Nasir Muhammad. And to note, Yachty also provides additional vocals to this song.

P*ssy & Millions

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