“GATTI” by Jackboys, Travis Scott and Pop Smoke

The title of this song (“Gatti”) is likely a reference to an extremely-pricey car brand known as Bugatti. This is not only due to Pop Smoke giving a shoutout to the vehicle during is verse, but also because said automobile stars in the music video of this tune. And to some extent wealth is the subject of this track, especially as far as Travis Scott is concerned. But Pop Smoke’s verse is mostly centered on street beef and his ability to get opps taken out via the gat. 

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Moreover one subtheme both artists have in common is their mentions of romantic partners, who are depicted as being impressed by their wealth. 

So overall this tune can be classified as an ode to wealth, women and of course violence. And you can say that the challenge the artist put upon themselves was not to come up with a song based on an original concept.  Rather they wanted to harp on the age-old rap music standards yet relayed via their own personal metaphors and experiences.

Lyrics of "Gatti"

Facts about “GATTI”

This track is credited to “Jackboys”, but it only features Travis Scott and Pop Smoke on vocals. Travis is the recognized leader of the Jackboys.

This is likely due to the fact that it came out as part of the crew’s first EP, which is likewise entitled “Jackboys”, on 15 December 2019. 

It marks the first and only time that Pop Smoke (1999-2020) and Travis Scott have collaborated.

Those two artists also wrote the song along with Mike Dean and its pair of producers, Axl Beats and 808Melo.

The music video to “Gatti”, which was directed by Tyler Ross and Travis Scott, features the latter chillin’ with Pop in a car called a Bugatti Cheron. At the time of the release of this song, said motor vehicle would set you back an amount within the range of $3 million.

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