“Girls” by Eminem

Eminem uses “Girls” to take shots at Limp Bizkit for getting involved in his earlier beef with Everlast (Whitey Ford). He describes them as girls, alluding to the stereotype that girls solve their issues by talking or gossiping, whereas men use physical means to solve their problems.

The rapper begins the track by recounting how most people pick beefs with him just to gain relevance. He then states that he was initially cool with Limp Bizkit as well as rap group, Dilated Peoples but they subtly threw shots at him, forcing him to add them to this track. Eminem goes on to take a swipe at DJ Lethal, Fred Durst and Limp for claiming that Everlast will beat him in a rap battle.

The main message the rapper incorporates in this song is that no one should get involved in his beefs if they don’t want to be dissed by him. He makes it clear that he doesn’t need anybody’s opinions of him, nor does he need any one’s help in beefing others.  

“Girls” Facts

Writing: Eminem along with Luis Resto
Production: Em and Resto
Album: D12’s “Devil’s Night” album
Release Year: 2001

Eminem vs. Dilated Peoples

The Dilated Peoples are a hip-hop group that peaked around the turn of the century.  They had established a name for themselves more of a hippie, conscious rap crew. So it may surprise some readers that a member of the trio, Evidence, actually had beef with Slim Shady himself.

But it was more akin to one of those beefs by association. Who Eminem was mainly feuding with at the time was actually Everlast. Or more specifically he did something which offended Everlast, even though he may not had necessarily intended to.

Shortly thereafter, in 2000, Everlast dropped a line in a song which Eminem interpreted as being aimed at him. Said song was the remix to “Ear Drums Pop” by Dilated Peoples.  And of course Eminem is not the type to take a perceived diss lying down. So he, buttressed by his crew D12, went about dissing Everlast. And in response, considering that Everlast is his homey, Evidence backed him up back by dropping a diss track of his own against Eminem entitled “Search for Bobby Fischer”.

But still, at the center of the beef was the feud between Em and Everlast, both of whom had dropped individual diss tracks against each other. And as the story goes, it was B-Real of Cypress Hills who ultimately deaded the beef. In other words, Everlast had another diss track loaded that he was ready to fire at Eminem. However, as B-Real tells it he was able to prevent Everlast, who wanted the beef to die anyway, from releasing it.

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