Givēon’s “Lie Again” Lyrics Meaning

The logical implication behind Giveon’s “Lie Again” is that the addressee has cheated on the vocalist. Moreover, the latter is the type of person who, let’s say prefers an untouched woman. And for whatever reason, he knows that his sweetheart has been with someone else and is also the she type, if asked, would admit it to him. But it’s as if ask, Giveon must. 

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So in the process he is also instructing the addressee to deceive him into believing that, most simply put, some other guy didn’t sleep with her.

The interesting thing about this song is that, once again going back to the singer’s preference for a virginal type, the lyrics read like maybe Giveon can be referring to something the addressee did before hooking up with him. Indeed, we all know that some guys are like that. Once they fall in love, even the thought of their sweetheart having been sexually active in the past is more than they can comfortably bear.

But to note, the title of this song is in fact “lie again”. And all things considered, it’s hard to imagine that the vocalist would get this bent out of shape about something that happened back in the day.

So at this point, we are compelled to take Giveon’s own explanation of the narrative into consideration. And as explained, the addressee’s past is indeed a factor here and now. And that would be because, as implied in Giveon’s description, she is still engaged in such activities.

In other words, something about her past romantic history should have deterred the vocalist from falling in too deep. But fallen in love he has, and now he prefers sweet lies to the bitter truth.

Giveon's "Lie Again"


Givēon is a singer from Los Angeles who has been in the game since the late 2010s and between then and now scored a couple of big hits. One was his 2020 solo track “Heartbreak Anniversary” and the other, a 2021 collaboration with Justin Bieber and Daniel Caesar titled “Peaches“.

“Lie Again”

Givēon has yet to release a studio album. But as of the writing of this post, one is in the works, which has been named “Give or Take”. And this track, which was released on 29 April 2022, is from that project.

The director of this song’s music video is Adrian Martinez.

“Lie Again” was produced and written by Givēon , in conjunction with Don Mills. And Epic Records put this song out alongside another label called Not So Fast.

Lie Again

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