“Another Heartbreak” by GIVĒON

GIVĒON’s “Another Heartbreak” is premised on two realities. One is that the singer is smitten by the addressee and thus far doesn’t have any reason to actually believe their relationship is going to fail. However, more importantly to the thesis sentiment at hand, he is more or less convinced that it will anyway. And that’s because, as the second premise goes, Giveon has had his heart thoroughly broken in the past and as inferred more than once. Resultantly, as more specifically as put forth in the bridge, the vocalist is afraid that he’s the one who’s going to eventually screw things up with his current boo.

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Concerning the thesis sentiment, what he is saying is that he “can’t take another heartbreak”. Or put otherwise, the vocalist has been gravely disappointed in the field of romance so many times and so effectively that, figuratively speaking, his heart cannot endure being broken again. But no, Giveon is not chickening out or anything like that. Rather the intended-conclusive message is that now, he’s telling his current lover that the failure of their relationship is not an option.

Lyrics to GIVĒON's "Another Heartbreak"

Release of “Another Heartbreak”

Givēon, the Canadian singer who has notably been on the scene since 2019, finally came out with his first studio album, “Give or Take”, on 24 June 2022. “Another Heartbreak” is one of the songs that was released as part of that 15 track effort, via Epic Records and another label called Not So Fast.


Giveon is recognized as the main author of this song, but its producers also get writing credit. The list of producers of “Another Heartbreak” is made up of the following:

  • Jahaan Sweet
  • Leon Thomas III
  • Brooks Ivory Leonard
  • Scylar O’Neal
Another Heartbreak

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