Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary” Lyrics Meaning  

There have been a couple of convoluted explanations published in relation to the meaning of “Heartbreak Anniversary”. But as for the actual lyrics, what they ultimately breakdown to is the concept of occasionally, most simply put, missing your ex. A person may not feel like this all the time but on certain “days”, like the vocalist, get caught up in those feelings.

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Indeed as the lyrics progress, it becomes more obvious that this is by and large a standard heartbreak song. For instance, early on we witness the vocalist still holding on to the “things” that the addressee, his ex, possessed. Then in the second verse, it is further implied that Giveon has been sending homegirl messages, which she hasn’t been responding to. Also, he longs for her in a more amorous sense.

What is unconventional about this song though is the titular metaphor. And as explained by Giveon, what it is supposed to point to is an individual being heartbroken on the anniversary he or she broke up with their ex. But that particular idea is not directly represented in the lyrics.

Lyrics for Giveon's "Heartbreak Anniversary"

Facts about “Heartbreak Anniversary”

This was Giveon’s first big international hit. A song he dropped earlier, “Like I Want You” (2019), has also been certified multi-platinum in the United States. But on top of also accomplishing that feat, “Heartbreak Anniversary” went platinum in Australia and New Zealand. It also replicated this feat in Giveon’s home country of Canada. Additionally, it charted in nearly 20 nations overall and scored within the top 20 of the UK Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100.

Furthermore, this track received a Grammy nomination in 2022 in the category of Best R&B Song (though “Leave the Door Open” by Silk Sonic emerged victorious instead. 

The song’s music video was helmed by director Salomon Ligthelm. It co-stars an actress by the name of Samantha Logan. The video also earned itself a couple of MTV VMA nominations in 2021.

Sevn Thomas, the industry figure who put Giveon on, is credited as both a writer and producer of “Heartbreak Anniversary”, as is Maneesh. The other writers are the singer and Varren Wade.                 

This track can be found on 2020’s “Take Time”. “Take Time” is the first album (i.e. EP) in Giveon’s discography.

Epic Records and an affiliated label called Not So Fast released this track on 21 February 2020. To note, the date in question was Giveon’s 25th birthday.

Heartbreak Anniversary

Giveon’s “Take Time” EP

American R&B singer and songwriter Giveon released “Take Time” on the 27th of March, 2020 as his debut EP.

It took the collaborative efforts of a ton of highly acclaimed record producers to produce the EP. Some of these names include:

  • Sevn Thomas
  • River Tiber
  • Maneesh
  • Jahaan Sweet
  • Boi-1da

The 8-tracked EP was simultaneously released into the public domain by Epic Records and Not So Fast Records.

In 2021, “Take Time” got nominated for the award, “Best R&B Album” at the 63rd edition of the annual Grammy Awards. It however lost the said award to “Bigger Love”, singer John Legend’s seventh studio album.

Nerisha Penrose of a global women’s lifestyle magazine, Elle, admitted the Ep’s second track, “World We Created” is a song she couldn’t stop singing , calling “Take Time”, “a masterpiece”.

On the Billboard 200, “Take Time”, peaked at No. 35.

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