“Glad He’s Gone” by Tove Lo

As the reader has probably already concluded from the track’s title, “Glad He’s Gone” is a breakup song.  However the titular “he” is not a reference to the singer’s own ex. Rather it is the former lover of one of her homegirls.  And the purpose of this track is to help relieve the pain her friend is suffering from due to the aforementioned breakup by helping to re-introduce her to life of a singlehood alongside the singer, who misses her companion’s company.

The primary reason Tove Lo is behaving so is because this is a guy who consistently subjected her friend to heartache and drama, one which her homegirl ‘called her every day crying because they have problems’.  In fact Lo actually encourages her to breakup with him. She also expresses that she misses having her friend around and is disappointed – for lack of a better word – that she focused her attention on someone who does not care for her as much as Tove does.  Indeed Lo feels that her friend dating this dude destroyed the rapport which they formerly shared.

So upon the two of them finally breaking up, the singer is here to let her buddy know that she is “glad” such has transpired. And now that she is once again single, Tove is encouraging her to date various guys instead of committing to just one.

So overall, the main sentiment expressed in this track is one in which Tove Lo is basically congratulating a friend for being free from an abusive lover. But there is a bit of selfishness involved, as the singer is also happy to once again, due to this breakup, have the privilege of chilling with her homegirl.

Lyrics of "Glad He's Gone"

Release Date

“Glad He’s Gone” came out on 31 May 2019. It was the first single from Tove Lo’s album Sunshine Kitty.

Tove Lo first teased the release of this track, via social media, on 28 May 2019.

 Songwriting Credits

The singer co-wrote this song along with the songwriters listed below:

  • Ludvig Söderberg
  • Jakob Jerlström
  • Shellback

 Production Credits

Aside writing, Shellback also co-produced this song along with The Struts, a Swedish production duo who have worked extensively with Tove Lo.

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