Meaning of “Talking Body” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” is about a casual intimate relationship the singer is in. In Tove’s own words, it is based on a situation where she and her partner utilized bedroom fun – and plenty of it – as a relief from pressing issues in their lives.

In the pre-chorus, it is made known that, at least from an interpersonal standpoint, this relationship is not ideal. That is to say that Tove and her lover seem to ‘fight’ regularly. However, at the same time, he is also the one who has the ability to “dry her tears”.

And this is at least partially due to his ability to make her bedroom fantasies come true. That is to say that beyond the emotional level, the one thing the singer apparently appreciates the most about this individual is his “perfect” body”. And in that regard, she is especially grateful for their sensual adventures. So the idea the title is based on is that even though other parts of their relationship aren’t the best, the bedroom fun basically makes up for those shortcomings. Simply put, their bodies do all of the adequate communication needed to rationalize their relationship. And it can also be assumed that he basically feels the same way concerning her.

Sarcasm in “Talking Body”

Where the sarcasm comes into the equation most obviously is during the bridge. Here Tove Lo mocks this high premium they have put on their bedroom adventures. For instance, she refers to the idea that they are using their “baby-making bodies” “just for fun”. She then goes on to say that they should stay on this course regardless until “every little piece is gone”. That is to say that, from a long-term perspective, she understand that their current actions will have negative effects on their bodies.  However, succinctly put, she does not care.

This frame of thought would then point back to the reality this song is founded on, that of the singer being inclined to engage in this type of relationship as a direct attempt to forget about her problems.  And on one hand, you can say that she is fortunate to have found someone who is able to help her achieve this goal. But on another, at the very least on a subconscious level, she understands that what she is doing, though very-enjoyable physically, is not necessarily the correct course of action.

Lyrics of "Talking Body"

Global Hit

“Talking Body” was an international hit, peaking at number 12 on America’s iconic Billboard Hot 100. In Britain, it reached position 17 on the renowned UK Singles Chart. 

In Tove Lo’s native land of Sweden, the track peaked at number 16 on the Sverigetopplistan.

Writing and Production of “Talking Body”

This song was produced by Shellback and a famous Swedish songwriting and production duo known as The Struts. The Struts, which is inclusive of J. Jerlström and L. Söderberg, also co-wrote the song along with the Tove Lo.

Other notable songs The Struts have written with Tove Lo include the following:

Release Date of “Talking Body”

Tove Lo released “Talking Body” as the second single from her multi-platinum selling debut album. That album goes by the title Queen of the Clouds. FYI, its first single was “Habits (Stay High)“.

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