Harry Styles’ “Medicine” Lyrics Meaning

The word “medicine” is only present in the first verse. And in the name of not running the risk of getting lost in this highly-metaphorical piece, let’s just say that it points to the act of sex. More specifically, this time around some analysts have deduced that Harry Styles may well be referring to sex of the oral kind in particular. Actually Hazza more or less alludes to such. He not only does that in the first verse but also in the chorus.

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Beyond that, there doesn’t necessarily read to be anything extraordinary about this piece per se as far as bedroom fun songs go.

Rather, what has logically contributed to “Medicine” becoming so popular is the fact that Harry comes off as sounding quite gay in the second verse.

Now if it were actually revealed to the world that Harry Styles is bisexual, such a revelation wouldn’t necessarily be a shocker. But more to the point, if that above lyrical theory is true, would be the notion that someone as popular as Styles overtly states that he’s romantically interested in other men.

Song is embraced by the Gay Community

Owing to the above, the gay community seems to have embraced this song. This community sees it as a very public and even sensual support of the act of homosexuality. 

Styles is one of those types of artists who likes to tread that line of what he referred to as “sexual ambiguity” when it comes to his artistry. 

However, that aforementioned passage is a pretty bold statement for someone to make who isn’t in fact gay. But maybe Harry was playing the gay card, if you will. Put simply, he might have been empathizing, in a sexual kind of way, with guys who are in fact homosexuals.

“I’m here to take my medicine, take my medicine
Treat you like a gentleman
Give me that adrenaline, that adrenaline
I think I’m gonna stick with it
I’m here to take my medicine, take my medicine
Rest it on my fingertips
And up to your mouth, I’m feelin’ it out
I’m feelin’ it now”

Facts about “Medicine”

To note, as of the writing of this post, “Medicine” has yet to be officially released. And even though it is currently not officially released, it is already enjoying the status of one of 2021’s most popular songs. 

It was written by Harry Styles and Kid Harpoon.

“Medicine” was actually to be featured on Hazza’s very successful, self-titled 2017 debut solo album, which is a product of Columbia Records. However, it didn’t make the cut. But fans of the singer became aware of it, as he had begun singing it live years ago. He actually debuted it in Switzerland on the date of 11 March 2018.

Perhaps the reason “Medicine” wasn’t featured on Harry Styles is because its lyrics proved a bit controversial. Even for someone as wild as Hazza is known to be, this song is controversial. 

That is to say that there is a certain segment in the second verse that can be interpreted as alluding to the vocalist having a sexual interest in both “boys and girls”, i.e. being bisexual. It should be noted that Harry even proceeds to state that he “mess(es) around with him”. 

Some singers may be able to get away with dropping such lines without any fanfare. But not Styles! And this is considering that speculations of him being bisexual were already extant before this song became public. This is why that particular passage only fueled the fire.


When was “Medicine” released officially?

As of the publication date of this post, it hasn’t been officially released. There a number of reasons why this song has currently not been released despite being so famous. The first reason could be because of the controversy in question surrounding it.

Another reason could be as a result of copyright/legal issues. In the music industry, legal issues are the most common reasons that delay the release of songs and albums. Some of these legal issues could be between the artist and their label. Some could also be as a result of copyright issues.

That being said, we have a feeling that this song song would some day be eventually released.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    More to the point, his fans wouldn’t care- they love him for who he is.!!

    • Anonymous says:

      SO bored of people saying they “don’t care” in response to someone being LGBT+. Do better- DO care! It’s something you should celebrate when someone feels comfy coming out. I would love for anyone to come out to me and I would tell them I love that about them and I feel honoured to know that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    he’s not gay or bisexual he said that he is unlabeled

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah no he hasnt come out. he doesnt label himself and we must not assume anyone’s sexuality. as he has openly dated only females, it is safe to say that he is straight. you cant judge his sexuality by the way he dresses…and his songs, they are not necessarily about him. it could be about someone else too. but if it IS about him and he IS bi, everyone will support him and not see him any different.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t matter if he is bi or not we love him

  6. My Observation says:

    Just based off my observation of him Harry is bisexual he seems to be attracted to men and women.

  7. Anonymous says:

    H actually addressed the “issue” of sexuality by stating that to the public he’s unlabeled but he’s had the conversation with his friends and family. The are aware of how he identifies, in other words. Many have twisted his words around. Straight people don’t have those kinds of conversations.

    In another article he stated he’s never publicly dated anyone, including women. In fact, all of the women he’s been linked to were friends and because he neither denied or confirmed the supposed relationships with them, the media kept the narrative going. He’s spoken out about how every female friend he’s seen with is automatically put into that category. From the age of 17 he was painted as a womanizer who dated older women despite the many times he protested against the image.

    Eventually he just gave up because no one seemed to be listening and it was just easier to just ask him inappropriate questions about his sex life and make assumptions rather than listen. There was a time he was just a kid answering the repetitive question of what kind of girl he’d like to date with gender neutral answers and doing his best to dodge questions about his sex life from interviewers three times his age. Now he’s a media trained super star with 13 years under his belt, his private life is so private any woman you see him with is just a beard and unless you’ve been paying close attention you’re not going to know who his actual real life partner is until they’re ready for it to be known. Harry is not a stupid person, he’s not pretending to be a gay man so a bunch of straight women will cream themselves. The way he’s vilified online equals or surpasses their disgusting reaction. He is expressing himself and some people can’t handle it.

    • Fleet says:

      He definitely sleeps with his girlfriends. He’s had enough of them for goodness sake. He may well be bi. Many men and women are. My dad was. He was with guys when he could have gone to prison. My mum knew this when they married in 1944. It was in the late 60s that legality began. Young people today have no idea. None whatsoever of the fear and loathing of being discovered. Loss of liberty, jobs and any respect. Harry is being his wonderful self and celebrating the incredible freedoms we have in the West. There are still countries where you are killed for being gay. Wake up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “That said, it should be noted that in terms of publicly made statements, Styles has denied being a homosexual.”
    Untrue. He has never denied or confirmed it – he has just said that he is unlabeled.

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