“She” by Harry Styles

“She” is a bit more-complicated than the usual Harry Styles’ fare. For instance, he relays most of the lyrics from a third-person perspective. And the subject is not the singer per se but rather a certain man who constantly “daydreams” of the titular “she”. Now it would be quick to presume that said lady is some sort of romantic interest of this man. However, in the bridge it is revealed that she doesn’t actually exist outside of his own imaginings.

Moreover the idea is introduced that this man is living a double life. That is he has a family, stable job and a regular crew of homeys. However, he fantasizes about forsaking it all, or as Harry Styles puts it he “imagines just sailing away”. So it has been reasonably postulated that “she” is actually the repressed, feminine side of the subject’s persona. Put differently, he has issues with his sexuality. More to the point is the implication that he built up his entire life based on coming off as a standard, heterosexual male, when perhaps such is not his internal reality. Indeed such a dilemma appears to be something which he will have to deal with into the foreseeable future.

However, a counter-theory to the meaning of this song could also be that its male subject desires to run away with a particular lady even though said lady, as alluded to earlier, is at this point only a fantasy. But in keeping the entire context of the song in mind, it is more likely that the lyrics cleverly point to the idea of repressed sexuality.

Lyrics of “She”

Release Date of “She”

Colombia Records released this song, as part of Harry Styles’ second album (“Fine Line”), on 13 December 2019.

Writing and Production Credits

Jeff Bhasker along with Kid Harpoon are the producers of this track. And they both also contributed to the songwriting process along with Harry and another songwriter named Mitch Rowland.

Did “She” come out as a single?

No. The only official singles to come out of “She” are as follows:

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  1. El says:

    I thought the main character was someone battling gender dysphoria. The struggle he depicts in the song, to me, seems to be about the main character’s gender identity , and not sexuality.

    • Jacob Mallon says:

      I think it could be interpreted as either, even as just femininity in general. depends on how you see and/or relate to it

    • andres says:

      Hear me out, it’s a closeted transgender woman, who keeps seeing a woman when she looks in the mirror and is struggling to figure out what she is looking at. Every “SHE” is her crying out in her head when someone calls her “he.”

      Here is a ‘Heather’ by Conan Gray and ‘She’ by Harry Styles Mashup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aAUlC7BzLs&list=TLPQMTQxMDIwMjCfG720BFIPsQ&index=7

      When the line “I wish I were Heather” plays in this mashup I think that the subject persona is literally wishing she was Heather. She wishes her crush would see her like he sees every other ‘Heather.’

  2. Ky says:

    We won’t know what is factual, and what isn’t unless Harry clarifies, but in my perspective, I think it’s just a man fantasizing or daydreaming about the perfect woman, but he doesn’t know who this perfect woman is. He’s not in love with the mother of his children anymore, but that’s the life he made, and it’s not easy to get out of.

  3. Cd says:

    It seems to refer to gender identity… his feminine side wanting to come out and express herself, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty about her, she’s not yet ready to reveal herself fully. Love the melody, complexity and hidden, double meanings… cant stop listening to it..

  4. kiki says:

    makes me think of the movie ” american beauty” with Kevin spacey

  5. Ana says:

    Sexuality and gender are two different things, Jessica. You probably wrote this nonsense based on what some of Harry’s tinhat fans write but that belongs to ao3!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s maybe about a soulmate he has yet to meet. He can see her in his head but hasn’t met her so doesn’t know who she is or where she is but he can see the life they’ll have together and the desperation for that is what makes him want to just let everything go and sail away, maybe to find her or to find himself. I think we all fantasize about leaving our lives and finding the one we’ve felt was always out there and just being able to live freely. It makes sense since he mentioned this was written on mushrooms and that’s a hallucinogen that can open you up to other perspectives. I think it draws you closer to spirit.

  7. Gail says:

    Thank you for the different sides of it. But yes, gender and sexuality are two different things. I know what you were trying to display. But next time I would try to put a little more thought and consideration into your writings. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    For what its worth, I think “she” is his wife, and their relationship has faded though they are still together, and he fondly remembers back to when times were better and they were more of a “couple”.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s quite a poignant interpretation, it hadn’t occured to me before, so thanks for the mind stretch!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I mean just listen to the lyrics
    “And she sleeps in his bed (his bed)
    While he plays pretend (pretend)
    So pretend (pretend)”

  10. victoria vela insta @glowingvicky says:

    i think this song means is that harry is talking about a girl who is with another man.. and harry is seeing it and the man with this girl does not like her because he may like someone else… like a boy or girl thats not her. #larry

  11. Debbie says:

    I think the best lyrics, as with this song, are when so many people can relate the meaning to their own lives.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What do y’all think the Tone of this song is

  13. Y/N says:

    Is it 1:32 or 1:30-2?
    Pls,, v important.
    Keeps me up at night. Currently 1:35am.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s just about a dude’s internet porn obsession.

  15. eday says:

    I personally think it’s about him having an afternoon wank and fantasising about a “she”…

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