“Having Our Way” by Migos (ft. Drake)

The title of this “Having Our Way” is pretty self-explanatory, especially when you take into consideration the artists who are behind it.  Takeoff and the boys are putting forth that they live their lives by their own terms. And accordingly, if they happen to offend some n*g*as along the way, then it’s time to “load up the Drac”. 

And by “the Drac” what they are referring to is a device more formally known as the Draco AK-47, a semi-automatic pistol which seems to hold a special place in the hearts of rap artists.

But the lyrics aren’t so much centered on the vocalists asserting their will as it is them possessing the wherewithal to do so in the first place. For instance Drake, in setting things off, can’t but help to relay a number of references to the fact he’s filthy rich. And whereas he may trace his financial origins back to the streets, now he and his homeys have reached the point where they’ve made so much bread that they can go legit.


Meanwhile Quavo is more focused on lyrical gunplay, twice referencing “the Drac” even outside of the confines of the chorus.  He also emits what has been deemed the most-notable line of the entire song, where he implies that a romantic interest was too self-willed, and as a result “she [is] out of a Bentley”. Well it just so happens that earlier in 2021, Quavo underwent a well-publicized breakup with another popular hip-hop artist, Saweetie. A few months prior he gifted her a car known as a Bentley Continental GT, which is worth well over a quarter-million dollars. And sure enough upon their split, as the story goes he had the whip repossessed.


Offset seems to focus more on the amorous side of things, i.e. the way women, even those belonging to other dudes, are attracted to him. And Takeoff operates along a similar braggadocious foundation, i.e. detailing in various ways he and his cohorts are in control of the game.

So the message behind all of this is that the rappers are able to ‘have their way’ since their wealth, fame and influence affords them the opportunity to do so. And even beyond that, if need be, they’d resort to violence to deal with naysayers.

Lyrics of "Having Our Way"

Drake and Migos

Drake and the Migos, not only as a unit but also individually, have a collaboration history that goes back to 2013 and features quite a few tracks prior to this one. Their biggest collaborative hit thus far was a song entitled Walk It Talk It, which was also officially the Migos featuring Drizzy, that has been certified double-platinum by the RIAA.

More Facts

“Having Our Way” was made public on 11 June 2021 as part of Culture III, which would actually be the Migos’ fourth full-length album.  Their previous studio album, Culture II (2018), was a Billboard 200 chart topper, as was 2017’s Culture. 

And for a moment in time, i.e. the late 2020s, Migos were undoubtedly the top rap group in the game.  They perhaps still hold that distinction as of the release of Culture III, though, as insinuated by the time span between it and its predecessor, they haven’t been as active as of late. But they did make headlines just a few days prior to this song coming out when the homeys performed at the Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Logan Paul fight, which proved to be one of the hottest events of 2021.

Meanwhile Drake has been a bit more consistent throughout the years. In fact despite arguably being the number one rapper in the industry at the moment, he still has a tendency to drop tracks like they’re going out of fashion. For instance, Drizzy already has six singles under his belt which were released during the first half of 2021, albeit all of them being collaborations. And he also assured fans he will do his best to release his highly-anticipated sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy, this year also.

The only participant on this song who is credited as both a writer and producer is Jack LoMastro. The other producers are Azul, Preme and Wallis Lane. And additional co-authors are Beam, Farsi, Nizzy, Amir Stivie B, Drake and Migos’ members Offset and Takeoff. It doesn’t appear that the third Migo, Quavo, is acknowledged in that regard, though he does participate vocally.

Concerning the whole Quavo versus Saweetie drama, to note the latter already released a diss track against the former some time back. But she apparently did so under foreknowledge that he would drop that Bentley quip as mentioned above.

The labels behind this song are Quality Control Music and Motown Records.

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