“Racks 2 Skinny” by Migos

When the Migos drop a track we already know what to expect. For instance opps who don’t measure up financially will most likely be taunted. In fact the title of this track, when viewed from a certain angle, serves that specific purpose. For example, at the end of the first verse, Takeoff points out that certain individuals “never see what (he) seen when the racks too skinny”. Now we know that, generally speaking, in hip-hop culture the word “racks” means lots of money.  So saying that someone’s ‘racks are too skinny’ is basically the same as saying, from the Migos’ perspective, that said individual doesn’t have a lot of dough.

But as for the chorus of the song, the term is used differently. In this passage, the homeys are speaking from a first-person perspective. And what they seem to be saying is that when their own racks become skinny, as in when they themselves start running low on cash, they are able to “make some” and “squeeze a million”, as in force and make a million dollars, at will. So with that in mind, it can be said they are touting their own big-money making ability.

Lyrics of Racks 2 Skinny

And in fact the artists’ wealth is by far the most-elaborated on topic in this song. But outside of that, they also let it be known that if one of the them is disrespected or assaulted, they are ready to respond in full physical force. So conclusively, the main subject of the song is the Migos’ riches. And secondly it would be their gang-like lifestyle.

Writing Credits

The Migos (Offset, Quavo and Takeoff) wrote this track alongside its producers, who are DJ Durel, Gunboi and Pvlace.

Release Date of “Racks 2 Skinny”

Motown Records and Quality Control Music released this song on 11 May 2020. It is part of an overall project entitled “Migo Mondays”.

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