“Stripper Bowl” by Migos

Anyone who takes a look at this song’s title and is already familiar with the Migos likely can deduce what it is based on, which is the homeys splurging at the strip club. But they do bring up other topics, though nothing outside of their usual content range. For instance, haters are addressed and for the most part subliminally advised to keep their distance or fear the wrath of the gat.

But overall “Stripper Bowl” this is not so much of an ode to women or even strippers as it is to the Migos’ extravagant, carefree lifestyle, with their wherewithal to take it to the streets on a moment’s notice being the second-major theme.

Title of this song

The title of this track references the real-life “Stripper Bowl”, an event held by the Migos’ record label, Quality Control Music, on 3 February 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia at the climax of Super Bowl weekend (with the Super Bowl LII also being played in Atlanta). Likewise this occasion was reportedly a competition amongst women who work in the aforementioned industry.

Said event featured a group of strippers who reportedly earned in excess of $3 million that night. Interestingly enough, with the actual footage from this event is shown in the song’s music video.

Release Date of “Stripper Bowl”

This song was released as a standalone single on 20 June 2019.  Migos teased its forthcoming on 18 June (Takeoff’s 25th birthday) via Instagram.

Songwriters and Producer

The Migos (Offset, Takeoff and Quavo) wrote this rap. The instrumental was produced by Buddah Bless.

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