“Heaven” by Avicii (ft. Chris Martin)

During the first part of this track it would appear that the vocalist, Chris Martin, is singing to a particular individual whose love uplifts him when he has been defeated. And he relates his disposition after this person’s intervention to going “to heaven”. Later he also attributes the setting of “a beautiful night” with making him feel this way.

Both of these things considered, it is feasible that the singer is actually referencing a special evening he spent with someone he has strong affection for, i.e. a date. This becomes more obvious in the outro when he refers to himself and the person he is singing to as “we”. And in that regard, he is stating that they are going to experience “heaven” together via a sense of freedom which includes ‘losing themselves’.

It has been speculated now, with Avicii (1989-2018) having committed suicide, that this song, considering lines such as “I just died”, may have been in reference to his own mental struggles. But even if that were so, it would seem that he had at least one person in his life who spending time with and whose love made him feel pure bliss.

Lyrics of "Heaven"

Facts about “Heaven”

Avicii and Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) originally recorded this song in 2014. And Avicii premiered it at the Future Music Festival in Perth, Australia in 2015.

“Heaven” was expected to be featured on Avicii’s 2015 album Stories.  However, he had been reworking it throughout the years, including trying out the track with a different vocalist. This vocalist was Simon Aldred of Cherry Ghost.

In the wake of Avicii’s death, fellow producer Carl Falk began to put the finishing touches to the song. And it was officially released on 6 June 2019 as part of Tim. Tim is the title of Avicii’s 2019 posthumous album.

Avicii gets sole production credit for “Heaven”, and he co-wrote it alongside its co-star, Chris Martin.

Was “Heaven” released as a single from Tim?

Yes. It was one of the three singles Tim produced. The other two singles are: “Tough Love” and “SOS“.  

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