“Mrs. Potato Head” by Melanie Martinez

In “Mrs. Potato Head”, Melanie Martinez simply addresses women who undergo plastic surgeries. She suggests that they have been brainwashed to accept what the media and society define as beauty without thinking. She advises them to take caution in the first verse, as these trends change very often and one may not be able to keep up with them.

Melanie references the 90s toy “Mrs Potatohead” which has several stick-on features to represent women who alter their body parts with plastic surgeries. In doing so, she questions if they feel happy knowing that such actions cannot be reversed. The reason she believes these women change their natural look is to feel more confident and fit in the media’s portrayal of beauty. However, the end result is a permanent feeling of uncertainty about one’s own looks and whether a significant other will still be with them when their altered parts begin to deteriorate.

Melanie Martinez explains the meaning of “Mrs. Potato Head”

Explaining the message behind the song to VICE, Melanie mentioned that in “Mrs. Potato Head”, her alter ego, Cry Baby is more confident about her own self, and forms her opinions on beauty. She explained that the song was not about her criticizing women who get plastic surgery, but rather questioning them on why they do it when they are actually more beautiful naturally.

Melanie also revealed to Hollywire TV that the song was created after a visit to L.A where she saw several people with plastic surgeries.

Lyrics of "Mrs. Potato Head"

Release Date of “Mrs. Potato Head”

“Mrs. Potato Head” came out as a feature on Melanie’s first album “Cry Baby” on 14 August 2015.

A snippet of the song had leaked a couple of weeks beforehand due to an illegal recording a fan had made.

Melanie Martinez herself had teased the song on 1 June 2015.

Writing and Production

This track was produced by One Love, who also served as a co-writer alongside Kinetic and Melanie Martinez.

Martinez also directed the song’s music video.

Was “Mrs. Potato Head” released as a single?

No. “Cry Baby” was promoted by only the following singles:

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