“House of a Thousand Guitars” by Bruce Springsteen

This track is vaguely reminiscent of a another song a legendary senior artist dropped in 2020, that being Bob Dylan’s “I Contain Multitudes“. On this particular track, the Boss takes a collective as opposed to singular approach. And we will hypothesize that its title alludes to different types of people being unified through a mutual love for music. This is particularly against the backdrop of living in a troubling world. Or stated otherwise, the “house of a thousand guitars” is where the singer, addressee and “all the souls from near and far” congregate to ‘shake off their troubles’. So it may very well be a setting like a dancehall or party venue.

Ron Aniello produced “House of a Thousand Guitars” with Springsteen, and the Boss also wrote the song.

This track is featured on Springsteen’s 2020 album “Letter to You”. The project came out on 23rd October 2020 and was published by Columbia Records.

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