“I Believe” by Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers’ “I Believe” is a love song, with the central theme being the particular way the addressee of the song makes the singer feel. The addressee, of course, is his significant other. And as the title suggests, she inspires him to “believe”. This ‘belief’ is centered on the idea of her being someone who has become an essential part of his life as well as his feeling as if he is in “heaven” when he embraces her. Or put differently, what he seems to “believe” in is the strength of their relationship.

This becomes more-apparent when he states that he even went against the advice of others and conventional wisdom in the name of going at this romance full throttle. And why? Simply because he has “been waiting” for a special someone to give him “a reason” to love so freely. And throughout this track, he is rejoicing due to the fact that he has actually found this person.

Lyrics of "I Believe"

What the Jonas Brothers’ have said about “I Believe”

Co-writer of this song, Nick Jonas, has stated that it is “a love letter to (his) wife”, actress/singer Priyanka Chopra. FYI, Nick and Priyanka got married on 1 December 2018. 

Facts about “I Believe”

Nick was assisted in writing the track by Mozella and its producer, Greg Kurstin. Universal Music Group and Republic Records released “I Believe” as the fourth track on the playlist of the Jonas Brothers’ album Happiness Begins. That album came out on 7 June 2019.

The Jonas brothers (Nick and Joe) recommend that fans listen to this track “by the beach”.

This song was utilized heavily during Nick Jonas’ bachelor’s party which was held in mid-November, 2018.

Was this a single from Happiness Begins?

No. Happiness Begins had only two singles. And these singles are: “Sucker” and “Cool“.

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