“Hold On” by Jonas Brothers

This track supports the notion that a person should still persist in love despite the pain or heartbreak they may have experienced in the past.

The writer discusses the fact that instead of living in regret because of a failed relationship in the past, one must keep their hope alive by holding on. He suggests that it is better to be optimistic and have faith that one will definitely find love rather than being stuck in depression and loneliness.

During a track for track session to mark the 10th anniversary of their album release, Joe Jonas explained to J-14 the meaning of this song. According tot him, the song applies to several situations, and mainly portrays holding on and staying focused in order not to give up on love.

In 2007, the Jonas Brothers released their second studio album (which they titled after themselves). “Hold On” was the second single this album birthed. It’s official date of release was 22nd May, 2007.

The Jonas Brothers (Nick, Joe and Kevin) are the writers behind this song. The producer behind it is one John Fields (who is famous for his frequent collaborations with the Brothers). Actually he produced the entire project upon which this track is featured.

Did “Hold On” chart?

Yes. It enjoyed decent success in the United States. It went as far as actually entering multiple Billboard charts, including the coveted Hot 100. Here it managed to reach number 53.

What music genre best fits this song?

Ordinarily, it would be classified as just a pop song. However, considering it contains very strong punk elements, we would also include it into the punkpower genre.

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