“I Did This To Me” by Brett Young

“I Did This To Me” features Brett Young frankly acknowledging that his own actions led to the dissolution of his relationship with the addressee. Although it’s never directly specified, the logical presumption would be that that said addressee is Brett’s ex. 

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And as relayed, he engaged in self-sabotaging acts such as not being there for his sweetheart, prioritizing drinking over communicating with her and only expressing his love when she prompted him to do so. Or as Young admits in the first verse, he was “selfish, reckless” and ‘abused the love’ that they shared. Or reading in-between the lines, the vocalist was too cocky to ever believe that he could be the victim of a dumping.

Well actually, the lyrics never specify that he was dumped per se. What rather occurred, according to Brett, is him having “pushed… away” the addressee though, as strongly implied, he did so very unintentionally. So now we have the vocalist in his feelings, “at home all alone”, being tormented by the “memory” of his ex. Put simply, he shot himself in the foot by turning off the woman who loved him and that he likewise has such feelings for, even if he failed to successfully relay that sentiment when the time was ripe.

“I pushed you away when you needed me
You wanted to talk, I wanted to drink
Only told you I loved you when you said it to me
Now I’m here at home all alone, with your memory
I got what I wanted, I did this to me”

Credits for “I Did This to Me”

Jimmy Harnen and Dann Huff produced “I Did This to Me”, and its writers are Brett Young, Ross Copperman and Gabe Simon.

Release Date

This song was made public through BMLG Records on 4 August 2023, being included on the playlist of Brett Young’s album “Across the Sheets”.

I Did This To Me

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