“I Don’t Belong In This Club” by Why Don’t We (Ft. Macklemore)

“I Don’t Belong in This Club” is the title of a 2019 collaboration between the pop band Why Don’t We and rapper Macklemore. Throughout the song, the narrators (members of Why Don’t We and Macklemore) talk about not belonging in a particular club.

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They reveal to the listeners how much they longed to enter into this club as well as the sacrifices they made to be in the club. However, when they finally get the chance to make it inside, they realize to their disappointment it isn’t as fun as they expected it to be. And why? Because it contains certain characteristics they don’t like. And on top of that it is super boring. Owing to this, they can’t wait to get out ASAP! 

Lyrics of "I Don't Belong in This Club"

Interestingly enough, these men sacrificed a lot just to gain entry into the club. However, now they are ready to sacrifice even more just to get out.

The lyrics definitely bring to our mind two famous adages: “be careful what you wish for” as well as “all that glitters isn’t gold“. From afar, the club appeared precious and fun in the eyes of the men. However, upon getting closer (as in entering it), it turned out not to be so.

Facts about “I Don’t Belong In This Club”

  • “I Don’t Belong In This Club” was written by four songwriters.
  • Despite being the primary artists on this track, none of the five members of Why Don’t We receives songwriting credits on this track. Macklemore, on the other hand, is credited as one of the writers of the song.
  • Songwriters Gang Wolf, Zak Abel and Jacob Manson worked with Macklemore to write this song.
  • “I Don’t Belong In This Club” was officially released by Atlantic Records and Macklemore LLC on March 20, 2019.
  • This track came out as Why Don’t We’s third single of 2019. “Big Plans” was their first for the year in question, with “Cold In LA” being their second. As for Macklemore, this was his first fresh material for 2019.

Is this the first time that Why Don’t We (WDW) is working with Macklemore?

Yes. This is the first-ever collaboration between the band and Macklemore. Furthermore, this song is the second time Why Don’t We are collaborating with another artist. The first-ever collaboration of their career was with Logan Paul in 2017.

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