“Chills” by Why Don’t We

The title of this song (“Chills”) has two different meanings. On one hand it represents the physical environment the vocalist finds himself in. The stage is set during a “long December”, i.e. the height of the winter season when it is chilly. But more to the point is that the addressee of also gives him “chills”.

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Or perhaps the best way of describing this sentiment is that he gets internally excited when he hears her voice or when she looks at him, touches him or is even in close proximity. Or stated otherwise, he is fascinated by every aspect of her being. And somewhat conversely on a metaphorical level, he is looking forward to her ‘keeping him warm’ during the cold of winter. So succinctly put, this is love jam. And its motif is based on using temperature-related metaphors to illustrate just how strongly the singer(s) feels about the woman he loves.

Lyrics of “Chills”

Facts about “Chills”

“Chills” was first teased, though seemingly unintentionally, on 24 December 2019.

It officially came out on 30 December 2019, at the time being unassociated with any album.

All of the members of Why Don’t We contributed to the writing of this song along with three other songwriters. The full list of songwriters credited with writing this tune is as follows:

  • Jack Avery
  • Jonah Marais
  • Zach Herron
  • Corbyn Besson
  • Daniel Seavey
  • Michal Matosic
  • Micheal Pollack
  • Jake Torrey

And the producer of the track is Thomas Eriksen.

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