“What Am I” by Why Don’t We

“What Am I” by Why Don’t We is a love song built around the famous playground taunt, “I know you are, but what am I”. But the way the phrase is used in this track is to insinuate that just as the singers have fallen in love with a new romantic interest, she also feels the same way about them.

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Lyrics of "What Am I"

Indeed for the most part, “What Am I” plays out like your classic boy-meets-girl and then falls in love scenario. The track begins with Why Don’t We trying to kick to a female they just happen to be “passing by” on the roadside. And the boys’ objective seems to be spending an intimate night with said lady. And as we can see from the second verse, they are apparently successful at achieving such.

Moreover, as stated above, there are some serious feelings involved. So the way the titular phrase is used is more or less in the context of trying to ascertain how far the relationship will go, in terms of if the loving sentiments the boys have for this lady are mutual. Indeed once again in the second verse, Zach Herron even states that this relationship could “one day maybe” lead to marriage.

So what we have on our hands, basically, is a case of newfound love. The singer(s) has met a new lady friend, and the romance between them seems to have evolved rather swiftly. And now for the most part they are questioning just how deep – or perhaps more accurately how long – this relationship can go.

Award winning Canadian film/video director Andy Hines directed this video.

Eighth Song of 2019

On 23 August 2019, “What Am I” became the eighth song released by Why Don’t We during this year, thus far fulfilling their pledge to drop a new song every month of 2019.

Why Don’t We first teased this song on 18 August 2019.

Ed Sheeran co-wrote “What Am I”

English star singer Ed Sheeran is credited as one of the writers of this love song. He co-wrote the song with Steve Mac and Ammar Malik.

And Steve also served as the producer of the song.

15 Responses

  1. Meghan says:

    then why is he talking about his mom then he says, “then she said, have you seen the sunset turn into the sunrise, kiss right through the night? WE SHOULD TRY THAT SOME TIME…” Its confusing cause i thought his mom said they should try it sometime. idk idk

    • Meli says:

      Oh my gosh im so dead, he was calling her ‘ma’ like when you see a cute girl and its like ‘hey mami’ not hes talking about his mother. Im laughing so hard right now. “I met her on a Monday evening
      She was standing outside of the park and ride
      And I said, “Hey ma, where you been?”
      “Been looking for a woman like you for all my life”
      And she said, “Hola, talk to me
      “Before I have to leave””
      do you understand now?

    • Kiba says:

      Holy shiz! I was so confused about this too XD I thought this is an inc-st song or some sh*t Hhahahahahaha

  2. sophialee says:

    they so hot

  3. Matthew Chan says:

    Why dont we was my favorite band but BTS came. i sill like Why dont we but i like BTS more.

  4. Sofia Rios says:

    When I saw this song I was like “I swear they made another one?” but when I listened to it even though it takes me 15 times to memorize a song I was mumbling it under my breath.I’m also kinda questioning why they said “hey,ma” cause I don’t think it is their mom.(I already knew that but why did they say “ma”?)

  5. Sofia Rios says:

    Not gonna lie this song was pretty good but I still think Why don’t we’s “Trust Fund baby” is one of their best songs.

  6. Zoe Herron says:

    I love WDW’s music, but. . . that might be because Zach is my cousin. 🎵

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