“Lotus Inn” by Why Don’t We

Why Don’t We’s “Lotus Inn”, including its title, was actually inspired by the works of science-fiction writer Rick Riordan and Ancient Greek author Homer. In doing so, it is meant to allude to the concept of the passage of time in relation to living a party-like lifestyle. But ultimately “Lotus Inn” comes off more like a love song. The singer meets a certain lady at a dance club, and they end up going home together and getting into a lasting relationship. And conclusively whereas he seems to acknowledge that this was sort of a rash way to initiate an actual romance, at the end of the day he has no regrets.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Why Don't We's Lotus Inn at Lyrics.org.

This song came out on 4 December 2020 via the efforts of Atlantic Records. The teasing of the track is said to have begun about a week earlier, on 23 November, but Daniel Seavey did tweet the first line of the chorus as far back as 30 October 2019. Indeed Why Don’t We went all-in in promoting this song, even creating a website for it. And it is the second single from their full-length entitled “The Good Times and The Bad Ones”.

The music video to this track features YouTube star Tessa Brooks portraying the role of the romantic interest of Jonah Marais, who sings the chorus. Moreover he and his Why Don’t We bandmates J. Avery, C. Besson, Z. Herron and D. Seavey wrote “Lotus Inn”, with Seavey also producing the track.

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