“Come to Brazil” by Why Don’t We

Apparently the title of this song (“Come to Brazil”) is derived from a popular internet meme which is used to implore celebrities to visit the titular country. However, that is not directly what this track is based on. Rather it is centered on the Why Don’t We’s admiration of a beautiful girl from Brazil.

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This girl(s) is someone they randomly encounter at a “boring” party. And amidst conversation with her, they discover that she is “going home in the morning”, as in returning to Brazil. In fact it is they who accompany her to the airport. And the boys are so impressed by her looks that they exclaim they “might come to Brazil” also. Indeed “it’s no big deal” for the homeys to “catch a flight red-eye” and arrive to the South American country in no time.

So in summation, this track is based on Why Don’t We being so smitten by a Brazilian beauty. They are so infatuated with her that they are realistically entertaining the idea of traveling down to South America to spend more time with her. And ultimately this does bring it all back to the “Come to Brazil” meme, as the band are celebrities who are apparently intent on visiting the country. However, what is driving them in this particular case is not mass requests but rather the draw of a beautiful woman.

Lyrics of "Come to Brazil"

Release Date of “Come to Brazil”

Why Don’t We first teased this song whilst performing in Indianapolis on 21 June 2019. And they posted a snippet of this occasion on Instagram the following day.

The band eventually dropped this track on 28th day of June 2019.

Production and Writing

“Come to Brazil” was produced by 94skrt alongside The Futuristics.

The producers also contributed to its lyrical composition along with Why Don’t We’s Daniel Seavey and Jonah Marais. Other writers who have writing credits on “Come to Brazil” include:

  • Jacob Kasher
  • Jackkyboi
  • Lil Aaron
  • Smrtdeath

On which Why Don’t We album does this song appear?

It will appear on the band’s second album. The songs “Big Plans” and “Cold In LA” were also released from that album. FYI, as of the Release Date of “Come to Brazil”, both the title and date of release of this album were unknown. 

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