“I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

This upbeat song (“I Don’t Care”) captures the setting as a party where the writer feels uncomfortable and wants to leave but eventually stays because his partner makes him feel better as they stick together.

Ed Sheeran’s Part

Ed drives home the fact that the character is not comfy at the party because firstly he doesn’t think he fits in. He’s engrossed in trying to hatch a plan to sneak out of the party but his partner saves him from doing that. It’s quite obvious that his insecurities are getting the better part of him as he is intimidated by the presence of so many other people. It’s possible that this is because he is shy, or worse might have social anxiety disorder, as Justin mentions in the second verse.


In the chorus, the singer confesses that he couldn’t have endured the night without his lover at his side. He presents her as his knight in shining armor, adding that whenever he is at a place with her, he feels less alone. The love they share sifts out all the bad experiences and he really doesn’t care where their location is, so long as they are there together.

Justin Bieber’s Part

Justin’s part reveals more of his unwillingness to be at the party because of the atmosphere and too many people. It sounds almost as if it was obligatory to attend. He later shakes off the regret and picks himself up because he’s with his woman. He’s now ready to stay and enjoy the moment with his partner while forgetting about everyone else at the party.

Narrator succeeds getting through the night

The narrator is finally able to get through the night, reiterating the fact that though he hates everyone else at the party, his entire focus is on his partner. He feels worthless in the midst of the other people but feels loved and special when he considers the presence of his partner.

Lyrics of I Don't Care by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran

Facts about “I Don’t Care”

  • The primary artists (Sheeran and Bieber) handle the track’s lead vocals. The pair also teamed up with 4 other songwriters (including Max Martin and Shellback) to compose this song.
  • Fred Gibson and Poo Bear are also given songwriting credits on “I Don’t Care”. Martin, Shellback and Gibson (all of whom co-wrote this song) are also credited as the track’s producers.
  • “I Don’t Care” was released by Atlantic Records on May 10, 2019.

Is this the first time Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran are teaming up to work on a song?

No. Contrary to what many think, “I Don’t Care” doesn’t mark Bieber and Sheeran’s first collaboration. Prior to this, both pop stars had worked together on multiple songs. For example, the pair collaborated on Bieber’s 2015 hit “Love Yourself”. Sheeran handled the backing vocals on the aforementioned song.

Does this collabo have an official music video?

Yes. The video, which features both Sheeran and Bieber, was unveiled on 17th May, 2019. Within merely just 3 hours of being published on YouTube, the clip got about half a million views. You can watch it below:

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