“Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” speaks about finally cutting ties with a manipulative ex-lover. In this song, Justin reflects on his past relationship and realizes that he’s better off by himself. From his perspective, his ex took advantage of his status to get whatever she wanted. She also tried to change his values, friends and made him feel inferior. This makes him point out to her that though she thinks she broke his heart and left him in tears, but that is no longer the case.

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Justin depicts that he does not care about this girl anymore, while he exposes her attempts to reach him on phone after their breakup. He delves deeper by revealing the bitter truth that this girl is not someone his mom likes, despite the fact that his mom usually likes everyone. This is where he realizes that he made a mistake by not taking time to get to know her true colors because he was busy with work.

The singer emphasizes that he’s moving on and tells her to go and love herself in a dismissive manner. This is apparently just to show that he no longer needs her.

Lyrics of "Love Yourself"

Quick Facts about “Love Yourself”

  • The song was premiered on Beats 1 Radio along with Justin and Halsey’s collaboration, “The feeling”.
  • It was written by both Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. In writing this song, the pair also received assistance from Benny Blanco (who also produced the track).
  • “Love Yourself” was nominated for two Grammy Awards in October 2016. The Grammy nominations were in the categories of: Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. 

FYI: Ed Sheeran, who wrote the song together with Justin, has revealed that the chorus was originally, “You should go and f**k yourself”. However, it was toned down later.

Sales Certification

CountryCertificateUnits Sold to Date
United Kingdom5x Platinum3,000,000
United States9x Platinum9,000,000

TV Shows and Movies “Love Yourself” Been Featured In

  • 2021 American documentary film “Justin Bieber: Our World”
  • Season 4, Episode 9 of the American musical reality competition “Lip Sync Battle” between Michael Bolton and Pete Davidson. The track was performed by Michael Bolton.
  • Reality singing competition “American Idol”, Season 16 Episode 6. Jurnee and Dominique’s group performed the track during Group Round.
  • 2016 American comedy-drama TV series “Please Like Me”, Season 4 Episode 2. Ella  (Emily Barclay) increases the volume of this song on the radio to minimize the awkwardness on the drive back to town.

Chart Success

“Love Yourself” was a huge hit in every single country it was released as a single. All in all, it was a number 1 hit in at least 18 countries, including Canada, the United States and England.

United States#1
United Kingdom#1
Czech Republic#1
New Zealand#1
South Africa#1

Furthermore, it also enjoyed the status of a Top-10 hit in the following regions:


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    justin and selena’s love story

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