“I Love Me” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s “I Love Me” is premised on its singer having self-esteem issues. Said issues are largely sourced in her intake of popular media, where for instance ideological images of beauty do not align with what she actually looks like. Moreover she has to deal with the likes of internet trolls who further demolish her sense of self-worth. And she acknowledges that, by accepting such ideas, she has basically become her own worst enemy.  Or as Lovato states in the bridge, she has to tendency to be her “own worst critic”. 

However, the notion this song is truly based on is Demi, as the title suggests, taking a stand to love herself. And she understands that doing so, amidst the aforementioned, is not going to be an easy task. So considering the wording that she uses, we can say that what she is truly striving for is reaching the point internally where she will be content with who she truly is as opposed to say desire to conform to the mainstream standards.

Lyrics of "I Love Me"

Music Video

It’s no secret that Demi Lovato has dealt with drug-abuse issues. In fact she was rushed to the hospital in July of 2018 due to overdosing on drugs. This experience has come to somewhat define her career afterwards, and she apparently references it in the music video to “I Love Me”. 

At around the three-minute mark you will see a lady being wheeled into an ambulance by two paramedics. This scene has nothing to do with the narrative the rest of the clip is based on.  And you will also notice that Lovato takes a special interest in her, as in sympathize with this lady, even touching her as she is lying on the stretcher on oxygen. And shortly thereafter she sings the line “I wonder when I love me is enough”.  So in addition to acknowledging her aforementioned health struggles, she also seems to be implying that her drug abuse may have been the result of self-esteem issues, with the latter being the overall theme of the track.

Release Date of “I Love Me”

This is the second song thus far released (though first official single) from Demi Lovato’s upcoming seventh-studio album. As of the release date of the track, 6 March 2020, said album has yet to be entitled. 

And “I Love Me” was first teased a few days prior, on 2 March, though Demi had been dropping hints of its forthcoming prior to that.

This is the second single Demi released since she overdosed in 2018’s summer. The first was “Anyone“.

Production & Writing Credits

The producers of “I Love Me” are Oak and Keith Sorrells. And they also served as co-writers of the song alongside Lovato and the following:

  • Anne-Marie
  • Sean Douglas
  • Jennifer Decilveo
  • Alex Niceforo

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