“Still Have Me” by Demi Lovato

“Still Have Me” is quite an emotional one from Demi Lovato talking about losing everything. The singer is in a way trying not to give up on herself amidst all that she is going through.

The intro and outro of the song is a way of telling the listeners that the singer was in a pensive mood. In the first verse she talks about being shattered and feeling like her joy has been taken away from her. The pre-chorus goes further to describe how weak she is feeling.

The chorus details her way of reassuring herself not to give up. She is telling herself that the only thing she actually needs is herself; so even if she loses her faith, she would never give up on herself.

Her second verse narrates how her happy moments no longer puts a smile on her face. She goes on to say she does not even care anymore because she prefers being by herself.

This song is believed to be a breakup song Demi wrote after her relationship with actor, Max Ehrich ended. The breakup happened 2 months after their engagement.

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