“Idle Town” by Conan Gray

The lyrics of Conan Gray’s “Idle Town” plainly talk about Conan’s attempt to leave the hometown he has grown in and made memories. Though the tone of the entire song is melancholic, the writer attempts to justify his departure by outlining the weaknesses of the town’s structure.

For instance, he talks about how the town’s energy remains the same, and how he and his high school friends promised each other that they’d move to another place to further their education. It is likely that the singer wrote this in his high school senior year since he talks about waiting for the day when he will have to leave.

The singer goes on to describe his town as idle because apparently, their main source of entertainment is to watch the sun and to invent games of their own.  Throughout the track, the singer maintains his anticipation to graduate high school and move on to another place. While many people believe that in order to have fun and adventure, you need to get drunk, Conan suggests that he’d rather not sip alcohol but can still have a lot of fun watching the sun rise as he enjoys an ice cream. The bridge and final chorus however contradict the seniors’ anticipation as he questions if he may ever be able to leave, like others who freely travel by plane and explore other places.


“Idle Town” mainly describes the artist’s departure from his hometown while capturing some of his most priced high school memories.

Facts about “Idle Town”

The song, “Idle Town” is the maiden single of Conan. The song was released in March 2017 after he announced it on his Twitter page. Conan actually teased a portion of the song’s lyrics before the release of both it and its music video.

The track was included in the singer’s first EP titled “Sunset Season” which was ranked second on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart.

Conan both self-penned and self-produced this track.

“Idle Town” became the artist’s first single to appear on Spotify and iTunes.

In an interview, Gray explained that the song was to pay homage to the town he was raised in, as well as, some memories from his high school days. He was optimistic that the song would connect to lots of people due to its originality.

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    so great, im doing a review on it actually. thanks for this information <3

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