Conan Gray’s “Crush Culture” Lyrics Meaning

On Conan Gray’s “Crush Culture”, Conan employs a lot of sarcasm while talking about being disgusted by the current trend in how young people relate to their crushes.

He cites how people who have a crush on someone constantly check their phones and anticipate a call or a text, and all the anxiety it brings, while stating that he doesn’t want to go through that experience. To him, the culture of crush feels like a manipulative game filled with confusion and he doesn’t need that kind of love. He sarcastically suggests that he prefers being sad and lonely than to go through these emotions.

The singer further addresses how he is fed up with hearing people talk about their private love lives and what happens when they date. He suggests that it is offensive especially to people who are single. The mood of the writer appears to be that of a person who may have gone through the experience and left heartbroken, hence his disdain for the entire crush culture.

“Crush culture makes me wanna spill my guts out”

Conan sheds light on song

Conan, in an interview with The Fader explained that he wrote the song for his fellow single people who have had heartbreaks.


This song depicts the conflict felt by Conan towards two things. The first being the modern-day culture of adolescent infatuations. And the second being the associated delusions that come with these infatuations.

Information about “Crush Culture”

Composer(s): Conan Gray
Producer(s): Dan Nigro alongside Gray Track’s
Album: Gray’s “Sunset Season” EP
Date song was released: 26th October, 2018

Was “Crush Culture” a single?

Yes. Gray and his team released it as Sunset Season‘s third and final single.

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  1. Watermelon’s Cat says:

    I personally really like this song and thing the singing and music is all very good. The way I got into the song is by the Warrior Cats M.A.P centering around Rose’ Tail’s (a minor character) crush towards Blue’ Fur (a major character) and exploring how Rose’ Tail doesn’t want to have a crush but succumbs to it and confesses her love to Blue’ Fur. I honestly love this M.A.P for its LGBT A.U storyline and animation, but the song of choice truly was a great decision to portray this and added much.

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