“If I Died Last Night” by Jessie Murph

Jessie Murph’s “If I Died Last Night” centers on a dark fantasy that many of us probably have, i.e. wondering how our significant other would react in the case of our own untimely death. And Jessie does imagine if such were the case, the addressee would indeed be in his feelings.

But by the time all is said and done, the lyrics actually focus more on what Jessie believes would be her own posthumous emotions in that regard. For instance, she wouldn’t want to go out like that because then she would not have the opportunity to tell her loved one how much she truly cares. And what’s implied in the first verse is that less-than-ideal reality, i.e. her not being in a position to express herself, being attributable to the two of them being caught up in a tumultuous romance.

Secondly, Jessie states that even if she were to go “to heaven”, to her “it would still be hell” if the addressee weren’t around. That’s a pretty powerful statement, if interpreted in a religious context. But in the grand scheme of the song, these references are mainly to serve a symbolic purpose, which is illustrating that the vocalist does indeed love the addressee.

And again, it would seem the reason she is expressing herself in such a fashion is not because the narrator has a death wish. Instead, as implied in the first verse, it may even be such that she and the addressee are currently broken up. So this is the vocalist’s way, amidst her associated depression, of letting her ex know that she still loves him, let’s say just in case the two of them never end up getting back together.

Jessie Murph's "If I Died Last Night" Lyrics

Release of “If I Died Last Night”

Jessie Murph, an American singer who is 18 years old as of the dropping of “If I Died Last Night” on 2 November 2022 and whose come-up is partially attributable to a celebrity-level TikTok following. 

This song is a single from the songstress’s debut album, a project titled “Drowning”.

Did Jessie write this song?

Jessie served as one of the writers of this song. The others are:

  • Sara Davis
  • Julian Cruz
  • Ian Fitchuk
  • Geoff Warburton
If I Died Last Night

Saving Fans’ Lives

Murph’s fans have expressed how “If I Died Last Night” has saved them from committing suicide. Many who have been hearing negative voices in their heads and fighting their demons daily took this track as a sign to keep pushing on in life. Reason being they can’t bear to think of how much their loved ones would hurt if they did such a thing.

On another note, her fans also feel comforted as Murph shares her struggles in her music, such as in this track, which are relatable to many. Hence, this makes them feel they’re not alone. They also pointed out that the artist’s pain can be heard in her voice yet she still continues to be amazing, which is nothing short of inspirational.

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