“ABCDEFU” by Gayle

Hell hath no fury like a female songwriter scorned. If you’re a dude who ends up breaking such a woman’s heart, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a musical tongue-lashing that manages to feed her for years, thus making you the unanimous loser in the equation. 

And so it would be with whoever it is that inspired Gayle to drop “ABCEDFU”, with “F-U” of course being an abbreviated way of saying, excuse our French, “f–k you”.

So with that notion in mind, the vocalist does in fact proceed to curse various aspects of the addressee’s life. This includes of course the addressee himself, as well as his homeys. Perhaps such expressions are to be expected in the aftermath of a disturbing breakup, but Gayle also proceeds to bring it to his “mom and… sister”. 

And even then, she basically goes as far as to diss her ex’s income and intelligence level, which in the latter would presumably be an especially hard pill for a young man to shallow, that in reality his “art”, i.e. the talent he thinks is going to establish him in the world, ain’t “sh-t”.

The Verses

Later on, once we get into the actual verses, the vocalist establishes that no, she isn’t just being the basic b*-ch. To the contrary, she parted ways with the addressee peacefully upon his request. 

Indeed based on her own recollection of the situation, Gayle actually went about thinking the whole ordeal was her fault, with her self-esteem being negatively affected accordingly, i.e. believing that she chased away the man she loved. 

But as for the other party involved, he took her meekness as a sign of weakness and, being who he is, started to diss the narrator as if she wasn’t worthy. But it so happens that said meekness only ran so deep. So Gayle started putting two and two together, how dude mistreated her when they were together and is still currently dissing her yet simultaneously trying to get back together on the downlow. Then on top of that, the girl he dumped her for ended up dumping him in just a matter of days.

So now the vocalist has come to her senses, and her love for the addressee, as a result of his own actions, has waned away. And most notably in that regard, she adds an extra element of spazzing to the equation, not only letting him know that she’s no longer interested but also damning his family and friends in the process. Indeed she does not foresee missing the addressee or anyone associated with him at all, with the exception of the family’s dog.

Gayle, "ABCDEFU" Lyrics

Facts about “ABCDEFU”

The song comes to us via a singer named Gayle. Interesting to note is that as of the writing of this post, Gayle hasn’t yet proven popular enough to warrant her own Wikipedia page. However, this track has firmly put her on the road of garnering more notoriety, with this tune being the big social-media hit of late 2021. 

In other words, it blew up as the direct result of going viral on TikTok. And the tune gained mainstream notoriety upon displacing the much-more popular Adele’s “Easy on Me” as the number one track on the US iTunes Top Songs chart.

Then as far as more standard chart success, “ABCDEFU” also appeared on music rankings in over 2 dozen countries all around the world. And its most impressive feat in that regard is going as far as ranking within the top-5 spot on the UK Singles Chart.

Gayle, a singer from Dallas, co-wrote this piece alongside David Pittenger and Sara Davis. And its origins trace back to a TikToker requesting that the songstress go about writing a breakup piece utilizing the alphabet. And the producer of this song is one Pete Nappi.

Gayle is reportedly 17 years old as of the dropping of this track. And her discography dates back to early 2020.

According to Gayle, the working title of this song was actually “abcdef–koff”.

Gayle co-directed the video to this track, which she stated she “had so much fun filming”. But the primary director of the clip is noted as being Jimmy Fisco.


When did Gayle release “ABCDEFU”?

ABCDEFU‘s official release happened on 13 August 2021. The song was issued by Atlantic Records, the label Gayle signed right around the time this track was dropped. 

Gayle talks about “ABCDEFU”

In an interview with Melodic Magazine, Gayle revealed the true story behind this viral song. According to her, she was dealing with a breakup when this song was created. In the early stages of the breakup, she claimed she felt extremely guilty – as though she was the one who caused the demise of the relationship. However, things changed when she heard rumors of her ex saying some nasty things behind her back.

She got mad to the point where her sadness was replaced by pure fury. And it was at this point that she decided to work on the creation of “ABCDEFU”. You can read Gayle’s full explanation below:

Gayle explains the inspiration behind "ABCDEFU"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow. just wow. i love how u put this together. i love all of it. the song. Gayle. every bit of it. I was in a relationship like ths lol. it ended kinda diffrently tho.. me and my friends toilet papered his house and keyed his car LOL

  2. Anonymous person or something says:

    That boy wasn’t worth it girl. Also that music video looked SO fun I’m jelly

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