“Would you love me now?” by Joshua Bassett

Some would say that Joshua Bassett is but a lad concurrently at 21 years of age, but he seems to already have a firm understanding of the ‘compilations’ that are part and parcel of parting ways with someone you love. 

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More specifically within the context of this piece, he is speaking to remaining in love with his ex post-breakup.

So the vocalist is most notably considering stepping to her once again, with the intent of reigniting their romance. However, Joshua is not fully confident that she will receive him. So that’s why he’s asking her ‘would you let me in and love me now’. 

And it should be pointed out that since he uses the word “now” in the titular query, the implication is that he feels she didn’t fully love him the first time around, which does, reading in-between the lines, imply that from his perspective, she’s the primary reason that they broke up.

Joshua Bassett, "Would you love me now?"

Release of “Would you love me now?”

Joshua Bassett issued this track on 6 October 2022, just a couple of weeks after coming out with the extended play “Sad Songs in a Hotel Room”, though this song is not featured on that project. 

But the singer/songwriter went on to explain that he has been exceptionally invigorated in regards to composing new music as of late.

Did Joshua Bassett write this song?

Yes. Bassett wrote and produced this song with Jon Hume. A songwriter named Sara Davis acted as an additional writer.

Would you love me now?

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