“If Only” by Andrea Bocelli and Dua Lipa

“If Only” is a song by renowned Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. The song also features British singer Dua Lipa. On “If Only”, the participants (Bocelli and Lipa) in a failed relationship find themselves wishing never went their separate ways.

Bocelli begins the track by expressing how invaluable his ex-love (Dua Lipa) is to him. Then he voices regret over the couple’s past decision to go abandon the relationship. Dua responds by proclaiming that they indeed let true love slip through their fingers and should have valued it more when it was alive. Thus the chorus has the lovers fantasizing about going back in time to the day they broke up and choosing differently. Then they believe that maybe their romance would still be active.  However, they ultimately acknowledge the fact that time travel is impossible and have no choice but to accept their heartbreak.

Lyrics of "If Only"

What Bocelli said about the song

Speaking with Billboard magazine, Bocelli said the song focuses on the theme of the “energy and values of sentiments”.


Facts about “If Only”

  • Despite “If Only” being a collaboration between Bocelli and Lipa, neither of them contributed to the songwriting. Four songwriters, (including noted Italian songwriters Francesco Sartori and Luciano Quarantotto) composed this song. Quarantotto is credited with writing the lyrics. On the other hand, Sartori is credited with composing the music.
  • Production of the song was handled by Bob Ezrin and Malavasi.
  • The release date of “If Only” was October 26, 2018. It is the fourth track on . is Bocelli’s sixteenth studio album. That album also features the likes of Ed Sheeran and Josh Groban.

Is this Dua Lipa’s first time of teaming up with Andrea Bocelli on a song?

Yes, it is. It must have been a great honor for Lipa to work with the Italian legend. In an October 2018 interview Andrea Bocelli had with Billboard, he had nothing but praises for Lipa’s remarkable talents. He also took that opportunity to thank her for helping send out the message of the song.

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