“I’m Ready” by Sam Smith & Demi Lovato

Now what exactly the singers are “ready” for is to fall in love. The reason they  are coming off in such an outspoken way is two-fold. First and foremost is that they are indeed lonely. They are finding themselves in a situation where they crave a significant other yet have no one to hold on to. The second reason they are asserting this particular moment is ripe is that they are ready to take the emotional risks which are part and parcel of romance. Stated otherwise, they know that successfully maintaining a romance can be challenging, if not impossible so to speak. But they have decided to basically ignore that. For at the moment the pressing need is for someone to warm up their cold nights.

Lyrics of "I'm Ready"

Writing Credits for “I’m Ready”

Five songwriters (including Sam and Demi) worked together to compose this song. The other three writers are:

  • Ilya
  • Peter Svensson
  • Savan Kotecha

Ilya not only co-wrote “I’m Ready” but he also produced it.

Release Date

Capitol Records officially released “I’m Ready” on April 17, 2020. It came out as the fifth single from Sam Smith’s 2020 album. The first four singles from the album are as follows:

Is “I’m Ready” Sam Smith’s first ever collaboration with Demi Lovato?

Yes! Despite being close, Demi and Sam had never worked together musically until this track.

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