“I’m That Girl” by Beyoncé

“I’m That Girl” is a multi-faceted piece. Beyoncé, at this point in her artistry, never seems to say just one thing in her songs. Rather there’s a myriad of ideas being thrown about, though another thing about her style is that still, it doesn’t necessarily take rocket science to ascertain her thesis sentiments.

And another thing we can say is that she’s one of the premiere artists in terms of those who ushered in the age of 21st century (women) empowerment songs. And so it is with “I’m That Girl”, though in this case the vocalist is more specifically using herself as an example to illustrate that point, i.e. self-confidence truly being evident in how highly you think about yourself.

As such, well let’s first start off by saying that Beyoncé is generally considered to be one of the most holistically-successful musicians in the world. And as alluded to earlier, she is someone who is known for believing in herself, with such even being one of the artistic themes she has regularly relied on in her career. 

But here, the songstress is clarifying that she does indeed possess self-confidence. In other words, her high level of self-esteem is not founded in wealth, the status of her man or even her looks per se. Instead, Beyoncé truly believes she is “that girl” or, put more into street terms, the sh*t.

The Verses

The above said, as far as the actual verses go, going back to the concept of their being multiple dimensions to this piece, Beyoncé also goes about displaying that how her confidence is manifested is by living something like a female pimp lifestyle. That is to say that during the first verse especially, she comes off as the hottest chick on the scene who herself  is unpimpable. For example, she is not about to give herself to some dude she knows is “claiming” another lady or one who thinks he’s paid, but isn’t by her standards.

In the second verse, we also have Beyoncé putting forth that she “didn’t want this power”. Making such a statement is of course another form of braggadocio. However, what the vocalist seems to be getting to in that regard, also taking the bridge that follows into consideration, is that being the center of attention is something that comes naturally to her. 

Or viewed from a different angle, others may think highly of this gift, but as for Knowles herself – well again to reiterate, there’s a lot going on, more than can be fully captured here. 

But in trying to derive a thesis sentiment from this piece, it seems that what the vocalist is ultimately saying is that yes, she is “that girl”. But the benefits of such a status, more than anything, is found in Beyoncé being able to enjoy some hard chillin’.

Beyonce's "I'm That Girl" Lyrics

When was “I’m That Girl” released?

This is the opening track on the album titled “Renaissance”. This album is Beyoncé’s seventh-studio album. Columbia Records launched it on the 29th of July 2022.

“I’m That Girl” is one of the popular songs from the “Renaissance” project. Other outstanding songs from this project include:


Knowles served not only as a writer but also producer of this track, as did Mike Dean and Kelman Duran.

The other producers of “I’m That Girl” are S1, Jameil Aossey and Stuart White.

Additional co-writers are Mac-T Dog, Princess Look and Tommy Wright III, the authors of 1994’s “Still Pimpin”, which is interpolated into Beyoncé’s track.  

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