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Any time A list UK rappers like Dave puts out a song, we feel compelled to compare it to the US rap standard. That is because it is obvious that the former has and continues to be strongly influenced by the latter. But at the same time there are some glaring differences also. For instance, the vocalist is personified as sort of a bad boy, a member of “the noisy crew”, which is like typical hip-hop. 

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But later in the intro, it is also revealed that the lot of them are ‘Christians’ which, within the context of the genre internationally, is a somewhat atypical assertion. In fact as used in the song, the term “in the fire” is most notably featured in its Christian context. It is used as a metaphor for going through some type of serious hardship and coming out as a more-rounded person as a result. 

However, the word “fire” itself can be used in various ways. For instance, in his verse, Fredo not only uses it to point to the challenges he has faced but also, shall we say, the hotness of his music.

But again going back to the hardship usage of the phrase, such would be the main theme of this track. That is to say that the rappers are apparently tasked, in varying degrees, to acknowledge their harrowing pasts as opposed to the poppin’ present. For instance, Meekz alludes to a past so challenging that others wouldn’t be able to endure it. 

Lyrics to "In the Fire" by Dave

Growing Pains

Meanwhile, Ghetts apparently comes from a background where gunplay is constant. And so it is with Giggs, himself being from the ‘hood obviously. And so on and so forth. In fact if there’s one thing the listener is likely to walk away knowing it’s that the vocalists, including Dave who “could have been deported”, come from hard upbringing. 

Those experiences even influence their thinking in the here and now. But we’re not compelled to get too deep into what they’re saying individually because, at a whopping seven minutes’ long, there is plenty being said, with none of it necessarily being anything new.

Well, that is ’til we get to outro, which supposedly is designed to encapsulate the moral of the story. And that would be something like the rappers not wanting the up-and-coming British ‘hood youth to go through what they have. 

Thus they are advising them to “research” and “travel”, not just give themselves over to the local, destructive way of thinking and behaving. And this is especially pertinent advice to the Black British population, as many of them, such as Dave, trace their direct parentage to other parts of the world.

Credits for “In the Fire”

As with Dave, the featured vocalists are all rappers from the UK. They are:

  • Fredo
  • Meekz
  • Giggs
  • Ghetts

Dave has collaborated with all of them in the past besides for Meekz, who as of the track’s release was the newjack on the scene. And Dave has most notably worked alongside Fredo, with former even producing the latter’s 2021 Money Can’t Buy Happiness album. The pair also worked together on the hit song “Funky Friday“.

The five vocalists are credited as the writers of this song. Dave also co-produced it alongside the following:

  • Mount Kimble
  • Kyle Evans
  • James Blake

James Blake is a famous singer. Some of his notable hits include “Famous Last Words” and “Say What You Will“.

Release Date of “In the Fire”

This track is from Dave’s second full-length, “We’re All Alone in This Together”, which came out via Neighbourhood Records on 23 July 2021.

Notable Live Performance

Dave and his collaborators performed this song live at the 2022 BRIT Awards.

In the Fire

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