Jonas Brothers’ “Cool” Lyrics Meaning

“Cool” is the title of a song by the American band the Jonas Brothers. The lyrics of “Cool” focus on a variety of topics, most notably self-confidence and to a certain degree love. Throughout the song, the narrators (Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas) talk about the good fortune life has blessed them with and how extraordinarily cool they feel every waking hour of their lives.

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Lyrics are filled with notable references

One of the outstanding elements of the lyrics of this song is its references. Throughout the song, the Jonas Brothers reference 4 celebrities as well as the hit fantasy TV series Game of Thrones. It should be noted that Joe Jonas’ fiancee Sophie Turner appears in the aforementioned TV series, where she plays the character Sansa Stark.

The 4 famous names the Jonas Brothers reference in “Cool” are as follows:

  1. The late actor James Dean
  2. Comedian and actor Charlie Sheen
  3. Fitness guru, actress and former model Jane Fonda
  4. Rapper and singer Post Malone

Three of the above-mentioned names appear in Nick Jonas’ verse. According to Nick, he wakes up every morning feeling as though he is a “new James Dean”. It is important to mention that Dean was one of the coolest actors of his time. Nick then proceeds to tell the world how he enjoys combing his hair like an “old school sheen”. Here, he is clearly talking about Charlie Sheen (who was also one of America’s hottest actors during his prime). He concludes the verse by addressing his love interest, telling her how awesome she is. In doing so, he compares her to “young Jane Fonda”. It is worth noting that during her younger years, Fonda was considered one of America’s most beautiful actresses.

Post Malone, on the other hand, is referenced in the below line from Joe Jonas’ verse:

“I feel like Post Malone when I get home”

The line above is apparently in response to the shoutout Post Malone gave the Jonas Brothers in his 2018 smash hit single “Better Now“. In that song, Malone referenced the brothers using the following lines:

Post Malone's "Better Now"

Facts about “Cool”

  • Jonas Brothers co-penned “Cool” with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and songwriters Zach Skelton and Casey Smith.
  • In addition to co-writing “Cool”, Tedder and Skelton produced it.
  • On April 5, 2019, Republic Records officially released “Cool” as the second single from the band’s fifth studio album. The first single from that album was the global hit “Sucker“.
  • The music video for “Cool”, which was directed by Anthony Mandler, was shot in Miami.

Is this the first time the Jonas Brothers are working with Ryan Tedder?

No. The brothers worked with Tedder on their first single for 2019, “Sucker“. Tedder both co-wrote and produced the track in question.

In Summation…

“Cool” captures several topics, notable amongst them being the team’s confidence, as well as their individual love relationships. The narrators (Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas) highlight how fortunate they have been and how levelheaded they feel each passing moment.

The singers reference about 4 celebrities all portraying the idea of how “Cool” should look like. They make mention of James Dean, comedian and actor Charlie Sheen, actress, fitness guru and model Jane Fonda, as well as rapper Post Malone. Nick also makes reference to his love relationship and marriage to popular Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, while Joe also references his fiancée, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.

Nick mentions in the Jonas Brothers’ track descriptions for Apple Music that “Cool” was birthed at the latter part of their writing process where they were trying to come up with a ballad. Instead the brothers wrote this song because of their million-buck mood on that day.

So in all, the song reflects on the brothers’ individual achievements while portraying a deeps sense of shared satisfaction, pride and contentment in themselves.

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