“Juicy” by Doja Cat (ft. Tyga)

Stripped down to its most-basic element, Doja Cat’s “Juicy” is a song centered around fun in the bedroom. But more specifically it features Doja Cat glorifying a particular part of her body, her behind, due to its appeal to guys. And Tyga portrays the role of the playa who is interested in making her one of his main chicks largely due to such.

When the song commences, Doja presents herself as a lady whom men are infatuated with her body. Again, the primary focus is on her behind. So basically, she is praising her own “natural beauty”, which is manifest via her having “plump” behind. In other words, she likes the attention she gets from men based on their admiration of her body.

Tyga steps in

And Tyga’s purpose on this track is to actually come off as one of such romantic interests. He’s not just a passive admirer but someone who is actually romantically involved with her. And overall he touts certain qualities she possesses, not only physically but also in terms of her personality, such as her freewheeling and unpredictable nature. And apparently the way he was able to attract her is via his excessive wealth.

"Juicy" lyrics

Song’s title (“Juicy”)

The title of the song is derived from Doja Cat’s exclamation that she keeps her behind “juicy”, since that is what her boyfriend, aka Tyga, ‘needs’. Or put differently, her romantic partner has a high sensual dependency on her. And the part of his body he appreciates the most, once again, is her backside – not tomention the aforementioned effect it has on men in general. And it seems like what Doja is saying is that she achieves the goal of getting her behind to their desired juiciness by enjoying a healthy diet. And whereas such may sound comedic, keep in mind that this is a rapper who regularly incorporates humor into her songs.

So basically “Juicy” is a track where Doja, supported by Tyga, is touting her wherewithal to appeal to men using her voluptuous figure. And on a more-intellectual level, it can also be interpreted as a song where a woman with a physique which does not conform to media norms is appreciating her shape, as in anti-body shaming.  

This is a Remix!

This is a remix of the track “Juicy” which Doja Cat originally dropped on 1 March 2019. Due to the enduring popularity of that song, the “Juicy (Remix)”, this time featuring contributions from rap superstar Tyga, was released on 15 August 2019.

The remix also was dropped alongside an official music video, which was directed by Jack Begert.

“Juicy” is Doja’s first Collaboration with Tyga

“Juicy” marks the first time Doja Cat and Tyga, two Los Angeles’ natives, have ever collaborated.

Writing and Production

“Juicy” was written by the following:

  • Doja Cat
  • Tyga
  • Lydia Asrat
  • Dr. Luke
  • Yeti Beats

 Yeti Beats also served as one of the track’s producers alongside Tyson Trax.

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