“Just Like a Pill” By Pink

Pink’s “Just Like a Pill” references several drugs, as the singer uses them to explain how her partner really treated her. Apparently the relationship spoken about in this song has hit the rocks, and Pink is trying to convince herself that it was not beneficial in any way and rather made her needy.

Pink begins by painting the picture of a drug addict on the floor in short of a drug although she’s aware it’s not good for her. She acknowledges her desire to leave the relationship. And why? Because to her, this partner gave her short term emotional fulfillment (like a drug) and ended up complicating things.

In an interview with Pink concerning the song, she mentioned that her use of drugs in the song was metaphorical. According to her, she used it to describe the nature of toxic relationships while capturing her honest opinion of drug use.

That being said, it’s common knowledge that Pink battled with addiction during her younger years. So this song also touches on that dark chapter of her life.

Lyrics Just Like a Pill

Music Video

Noted director Francis Lawrence was responsible for directing the music video for “Just Like a Pill”. And by the way, Lawrence is the same person who went on to direct most of the “Hunger Games” movies.

When was “Just Like a Pill” released?

Arista Records released this track on 10 June 2002. It came out as the third single from Pink’s second album, which is entitled “Missundaztood”.

Writing Credits for “Just Like a Pill”

Pink co-wrote “Just Like a Pill” with the track’s producer, hitmaker Dallas Austin.

Widespread Success

“Just Like a Pill” was a huge success for Pink, marking the first time she topped the UK Singles Chart.  And the song also scored a number one on the Scottish Singles Chart.

Other countries in which it broke the top 5 are as follows:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Sweden

 Additionally in Pink’s native United States’ Hot 100, the song rose to number 8.

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  1. Nicki B. says:

    I knew it was the meaning behind the song all the time, jus gotta look at the vid and b a good listener think outside the box, relationships an b toxic jus like a drug, but then again so can lots of stuff!

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